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Swindon drain problems solved, whatever your drainage system

2nd September 2019

Swindon drain problems solved, whatever your drainage system

Reading Drain Maintenance Office

Commercial drain care in Swindon and the entire Thames valley/M4 corridor, whether it be Swindon and Wiltshire or across the region from Slough, Windsor, Ascot, Maidenhead, Reading, Newbury, Marlow and Henley to Hungerford and Marlborough, takes many forms. After all this is one of the most economically active areas of the country with may types of different commercial building and drainage system as well as the large housing stock with it's residential drains. One part of the Thames valley economy which has shown consistent growth is the office sector, with many of the country's largest companies choosing the area, with it's excellent transport links and skilled workforce, for their HQs. Many modern office blocks have emerged in recent years with regular reports appearing, such as the one you can read by clicking here, emphasising the strength of the sector in the M4 corridor. 

Unblocking a blocked drain, blocked toilet or blocked sink in a residential or single storey property in Swindon can sometimes test our expertise (although at Metro Rod Swindon our skilled drainage engineers can generally be relied to clear a blockage within an hour) but the office sector will typically present additional challenges which we love to meet on behalf of the Property Managers and Facilities Managers we serve.

Drainage systems in tall multi-storey buildings present different scenarios to “normal” low-level buildings . The focus in the latter will be predominantly on “horizontal” drain runs, whether underground or internal (for example urinal pipework). In a multi-storey building however drain cleaning and drain unblocking work will often focus on vertical soil stacks and waste stacks as illustrated in the “typical” scenario below :

Multistorey Stacks

At Metro Rod Swindon we work for many of the Facilities Managers, Maintenance Managers and Property Managers responsible for drain care in the region's office towers. Our drainage engineers are experienced in the cleaning of all forms of office and commercial building drainage using specialist electro-mechanical cleaning equipment as well as high-pressure water jetting where, again, we operate specially adapted equipment capable of operating inside, as well as outside, any given building.

Metro Rod drain care encompasses both reactive emergency work and pre-planned maintenance cleans. We will devise a safe and effective schedule of works to clean and maintain any Swindon and Thames Valley site drainage system. Many of our pre-planned maintenance cleans are undertaken at night and at weekends to ensure minimum interruption to our customers’ business.

For any drainage issue in Swindon and all surrounding areas across Wiltshire, Berkshire and the Thames Valley…from a single blocked drain, blocked toilet or blocked sink to the need for a CCTV drain survey, pre-planned maintenance programme or drain repair….don’t hesitate to contact us here at Metro Rod Swindon

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