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Swindon drain repair from Metro Rod..No need to dig !

16th July 2019

Swindon drain repair from Metro Rod..No need to dig !

Swindon drain care Metro Rod services

At Metro Rod Swindon we are not just here to clear your blocked drain or blocked toilet. Whilst we will, of course, do this quickly and efficiently our drain care work extends much further than this, including all aspects of storm and foul drainage...from clearing gutters in Marlborough using our innovative Metro Vac system to emptying a septic tank in Avebury using a vacuum tanker to remove the waste.

When Metro Rod Swindon drainage engineers are on site they have the skills to diagnose where factors other than a routine blockage are at play. They will, for instance, often use CCTV drain survey technology to inspect the condition of site drains and, in the event of a structural defect in a drain being identified, will diagnose an appropriate repair.

If we find serious fractures, cracks, or perhaps roots in a drain using our CCTV camera equipment the only two options would be to excavate or to line the drain. Lining and patch lining repairs the structural integrity of the drain without the need to dig.

Cured-in-place pipe lining

is one of the key methods of underground drain repair undertaken by Metro Rod Swindon. This type of drain pipe lining is preferred by many professionals because it is the least disruptive when it comes to disturbing the ground on the property.

Through CIPP lining underground drains can be repaired without having to unearth the pipe that needs to be worked on, and it is ideal for repairs that involve things like punctures and cracks. This type of trenchless pipe repair can work in a wide range of situations, and can be used on drain pipes made from a wide range of materials.

How drain lining works

This type of drain repair works by applying a resin-soaked "sleeve" ..the liner ....to the inside of the drain pipe , effectively creating a new length of inner surface to the drain. The epoxy resin cures and hardens in place and forms a bond to the existing pipe.

The process usually starts with Metro Rod Swindon carrying out a CCTV  inspection of the damaged pipe. The plumber will run a camera down the drain line to survey any damage and to look for any obstructions that may get in the way of the pipe lining process.

Once the pipe is cleared, the plumber will then begin to prepare the materials for the lining process. The process starts by inserting an inflatable "packer" tube with a PVC liner into the damaged pipe. The resin-soaked liners are also pulled down the pipe, wrapped around the packer, and they are guided into place using camera equipment.

When the liner has reached its desired position, air pressure is used to inflate the packer and hold the liner in place against the section of drain pipe that needs to be repaired. It usually takes about 3-4 hours of pressure for the epoxy resin "sleeve"to properly cure.

After the pipe has cured, the air pressure is released, and the deflated packer is removed. A final inspection of the pipe and liner will then be performed to check that the liner has correctly created a new inside layer to the drain pipe.

The benefits of lining a drain

The use of cured-in-place pipe lining has many benefits. The first and most obvious is that it allows Metro Rod Swindon's drainage engineers to repair an underground pipe without having to dig it up, with attendant coast and disruption from this excavation.

Lining a drain to repair a damaged section will almost certainly cost less than excavating and also reduces the amount of time that it will take to perform the repair. Additionally there is no need for our customers in Swindon, Reading,Newbury, Maidenhead, Slough and across the Thames Valley to worry about fixing any expensive landscaping.

Lining can be applied to drain pipes made from a wide range of materials, and it can work to rehabilitate pipes that are used for a wide range of purpose. It is also incredibly durable and will normally repair any drain for at least fifty years.

Drain Patch Lining

This no-dig technique is essential similar to lining a length of drain but provides for a more localised structural repair where only a very short section of drain pipe is damaged. The shorter length of resin-impregnated sleeve applied to the drain is known as a "patch" and Metro Rod Swindon commonly use this method of drain repair to minimise costs for our customer.


Yes,,,,there will always be cases, such as in the event of a collapsed drain...where the only viable course faction is to excavate and replace a length of severely damaged drain. Metro Rod Swindon will then ensure that excavation work is carried out safely and efficiently at a time convenient to our customers.

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