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Testing Times for Metro Rod Across Liverpool, St Helens, Southport & Skelmersdale

14th June 2019

Testing Times for Metro Rod Across Liverpool, St Helens, Southport & Skelmersdale

Think back to this time last year ... we here at Metro Rod in Liverpool were sweltering in a heatwave that lasted for weeks and now, June 2019, we are carrying snorkels and rubber rings just to get across the carpark!



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They say it never rains but it pours and that has indeed been true this week, it hasn't stopped and, believe it or not, this has lead to a massive influx of call outs for our engineers.  Morning, noon and night we have had calls coming in regarding blocked drains, surface water flooding, full gullies and overflowing gutters - like the rain, the phones just have not stopped.  However, our dedicated staff and engineers have really stepped up and we have attended to all jobs requested of us, on time and fixed whatever problems were on site.


We just wanted to write up a quick article outlining some of the jobs that we have been called to during this rainy period and how we fixed them!


1. Liverpool

We have had many call outs in Liverpool over the past week.  We work for many FM companies locally who work for housing associations and also for our local universities and hospitals, so you can imagine that Metro Rod have been kept extremely busy in the Liverpool area!  One job that has particularly stood out was a school site whose car park was flooded to the point that it was almost like a lake and completely unusable, so staff were unable to park on site, obviously quite important!  Metro Rod attended within an hour of being called and set about clearing the road gullies.  They had not been cleared out for a number of years so debris such as drinks cans, twigs and soil had filled the gullies, leaving the water nowhere to go.  Our skilled engineers unblocked the gullies, removing all debris, the water quickly drained away and the school were so impressed with our service they have asked us to go back periodically to clear the gullies out around site to ensure that this doesn't ever happen again!


Blocked Road Gully liverpool metro rod blocked drains


2. Southport

Metro Rod often work in Southport, servicing the local hospital, hotels and retail sites.  We were called to a domestic address in Southport whose gutters were completely overflowing and just not stopping - the householder was concerned that the volumes of water along the fascias could cause permanent damage.  Metro Rod attended and found that the downpipe was quite badly blocked from debris that had entered it from the gutters, including a tennis ball, various twigs and pieces of moss.  The downpipe being blocked meant that the water coming off the roof of the property had nowhere to go and so was spilling over the sides of the gutters, rather than being taken away.  Metro Rod's engineers quickly set to work to start unblocking the downpipe, removing all debris and ensuring that the rainwater could now leave the gutters.  This left the householder very happy!


3. St Helens

St Helens has certainly kept Metro Rod busy this past week!  We have attended to call outs in schools, shops and to houses for landlords.  One particular job that we attended was on a retail site.  Heavy rains had meant entered the basement of the store and flooded it out.  One call to Metro Rod however fixed this, we attended the site with our specialist equipment, cleared up the area, redirected some pipework for them to ensure that it would not happen again and, as always, left the customer happy and ready to trade again, all before opening time!


4. Skelmersdale

Metro Rod were called to a factory site in Skelmersdale this past week who, similarly to the above Liverpool school, had had flooding problems in their carpark.  They had left it for a day, hoping that the water would eventually drain away but it hadn't, leaving large areas of pooling water in the car park.  Metro Rod attended the Skelmersdale site with our tanker and found that some of the gullies on site had large amounts of debris such as bricks and stones in them, along with large deposits of fat and hardened oil, suspected to have been dumped by a previous drainage company whom had worked on site.  We used our tanker and our expertise to remove all debris and take it away, leaving the car park draining nicely.  Site have asked Metro Rod to attend again to investigate these problems further.


Green Tanker


Overall, this past week we here at Metro Rod in Liverpool have had an extremely busy week!  However, our dedicated staff have worked day and night to ensure that we haven't let any of our customers down; we have arrived on site whenever we have been requested to, we have fixed all problems onsite and given our customers advice as to how to ensure that such problems don't happen again in the next period of heavy rain that we have (hopefully in the autumn, not the summer!)  However, if you are having any problems on your site and would like one of Metro Rod's experts to attend please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.  You can do this by calling us on 0151 909 2807, emailing us on [email protected], visiting our Facebook or Twitter pages, visiting the website or connecting with Jenny, our Business Development Manager on LinkedIn.  Whatever the time, day or night we are just a phone call away!


Flooded Road Rain
Metro Rod are a national drainage company providing planned and emergency drainage care.  The Merseyside office is based in Bootle and is operational 24/7 throughout the Liverpool, Warrington, Skelmersdale, Southport, St Helens, Runcorn and Widnes areas.  We pride ourselves on a fast, professional response day or night.  We usually attend to drainage emergencies within a maximum of 2 hours.  We deal with all aspects of drainage, large or small, internal or external.  Let us take your drain problems away!





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