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Time for a Rain Gutter Clearance with Metro Rod Oxford!

27th September 2019

Time for a Rain Gutter Clearance with Metro Rod Oxford!

Autumn is here and Winter is coming, so now is the time to think about getting your rain gutters cleared and Metro Rod have the smart solution for the job! Our innovative Metro Vac gutter clearing vacuum can cut down on debris, time and risks to keep your rain gutters at work or home, clean, clear and ready for the leaves and rain of British Autumn!


The Purpose of Rain Guttering

Rain gutters, much like the other drainage systems around your home and work, are not likely to be something you think about from day to day. When they are working well, you don't have to worry about them keeping your house dry. Rain gutters work by running water away from your walls, once it pours down your roof to the channels along the edge. In October, the wettest month of the year, the average UK rainfall is 127.1 mm. For a property with no rain gutters, that rain would likely fall from the roof down the walls of the house and directly into the soil around the house. So why is that bad? Well, water washing directing down your outside walls can cause damage that can lead to mold forming on the inside walls, which isn't particularly pretty, nor healthy for the people inside! Furthermore, soil erosion caused by water directly pouring into the ground next to your house, can be a big problem for your foundations, as it can cause shifting and cracking in your house.


Clogged Rain Gutters

All sorts of debris can wind up in your gutters during the colder months and all of it can cause problems for your gutters. Some of the detritus that can end up in your rain gutters and washed down the downpipe on the side of your property can be:

  • Leaves
  • Twigs
  • Evergreen needles
  • Moss
  • Toys, such as balls or frisbees
  • Birds nests
  • Deceased small animals, such a birds or rodents


As you can see, many of the items of debris are unavoidable, such as leaves and twigs. Autumn will bring a lot of mess onto your gutters where if left they will start to break down into mulch, which sadly doesn't make it any easier for your gutters, especially if further layers of debris are falling on top of the mulch. This stress on the gutters can cause leaks at joints and can block the downpipe, not to mention your gutters will probably overflow with water when it rains, instead of doing their job of siphoning it away from your roof!


Metro Vac Rain Gutter Vacuum

Our Metro Vac is a vacuum tool that can extend up to 10 metres in height, making most properties easily accessible. Certainly, up to two storey homes don't pose much of a problem when faced with the 10-metre reach of the Metro Vac! Not is the vacuum boast powerful wet and dry suction, but it utilises an onboard camera, meaning our engineers can employ precision rain gutter cleaning. And all of this while our engineer remains standing on the ground, removing the need for ladders and the health and safety risks those pose. Over the next few months while the rain and leaves come down it's a good idea to keep your gutters in mind, and if you think you might like to employ our services you can get in touch with us in a variety of ways (see below). For commercial premises, we are happy to come out to assess your site-specific needs; many of our commercial clients set up a yearly pre-planned maintenance schedule for the Autumn, in which we carry out a site-wide Metro Vac rain gutter clearance so they know that's done for another year!


If you require the services of Metro Rod you can get in touch with us in a variety of ways;

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Talk to your local Metro Rod specialist

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