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Metro Rod Partner with DOSport UK

15th November 2023

Metro Rod Partner with DOSport UK

Metro Rod Partner With DOSportUK as Part of Their ‘STARTING 5’ Initiative

Metro Rod is thrilled to join forces with DoSportUK as part of their ‘Starting 5’ initiative for the 2023/2024 basketball season. The Starting 5’ initiative was launched by DOSportUK as a way to partner with like-minded brands and make a positive impact in their local community.

Founded in 2016, DoSportUK is an incredible charity dedicated to creating inclusive and enjoyable sports experiences for people with disabilities. Through their weekly basketball and multisport sessions, they’re breaking barriers and giving everyone the opportunity to take part in the sports they love. Motivated by their dedication to their local community, DOSportUK became registered as a fully formed Community Interest Company in 2017 and has continued to expand ever since.

DoSportUK hosts ten weekly community sessions in various locations, embracing all who wish to participate. Their mission is to ensure that everyone, without exception, can take part in the sports they are passionate about.

The support provided by Metro Rod will enable DoSportUK to provide much-needed resources for their sports sessions such as training and coaching kits, and the running and maintenance of the weekly sessions.

Metro Rod is proud to support the charity’s outstanding work and to have the opportunity to take part in the exciting volunteering opportunities that DOSportUK offer throughout the year.

Visit the DOSportUK website to learn more about how the charity is making playing sports truly accessible and fun for all or visit our CSR page to find out more about our commitments.



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