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Metro Rod’s Rising Stars – Dean Dunning

18th October 2021

Metro Rod’s Rising Stars – Dean Dunning

Our engineers work tirelessly to provide customers with a first-class, professional service that leaves their drain problems in the past. We love to highlight the work they do and today we’re taking a look at one of our rising stars, Dean Dunning who works as a Jet Vac Operator at Peel Ports Liverpool site.

Dean Dunning 2a

What Job Did You Do Before Joining Metro Rod? 

Before I joined Metro Rod, I worked for Rentokil pest control for 14 years.

Describe a Typical Day in Your Previous Job. What Were Your Responsibilities and Daily Activities?

Working for Rentokil, my typical day to day responsibilities included:

  • Servicing multiple premises for customers to ensure their property remains pest-free
  • Offering advice to customers and providing the best solutions to their pest problems

Did You Have Any Previous Experience in Drainage Before Joining Metro Rod?

No, I had no previous experience in drainage before joining.

What Attracted You to Metro Rod?

After almost 14 years in pest control, I decided that it was time for a new challenge. When looking for my next career opportunity, I wanted to make sure the company I selected provided the same incentives regarding employee commitment, training, and job security. The recruitment process for Metro Rod was excellent, and the initial interview stage really drew me to the company.

What Training Did You Receive for This Role?

The training I’ve received from Metro Rod has been extensive. I’ve been trained to a standard where I’m competent to carry out daily tasks and given adequate time to adjust to my new role.

In terms of training, I’ve done high-pressure water jetting, NRSWA Unit 2, CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme), and banksman training. I’ve even received training for operating in medium risk confined spaces, working at height and manual handling. I’m currently undertaking my HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) training.

As a Jet Vac Operator, What Are Your Daily Responsibilities?

In my new role, my current responsibilities include cleaning drain gullies and utilising high-pressure water jets to remove any debris from the drainage system with my Kilowhale 26T combination Jet Vac. The drains have to be cleaned thoroughly in preparation for survey by our CCTV crews. I’m also responsible for carrying out daily maintenance checks of our vehicle to ensure it’s safe and roadworthy.

Dean Dunning 1a

The team we have is great and our daily work is quite varied, providing new challenges each day. The skills I’ve learnt so far have allowed me to confidently contribute to the team to ensure the issues at hand are resolved quickly and professionally.

Where Do You See Yourself in 2–3 Years?

The commitment from Metro Rod has been excellent and I'd like to still be with the company in 2-3 years, potentially managing a team of my own. I didn't join Metro Rod as a stop gap between jobs, I see a long and prosperous career here.

At Metro Rod, we pride ourselves on having a team of committed, passionate and highly skilled employees leading our business. If you're considering a career in drainage and think Metro Rod sounds like the right company for you, then we’d love to hear from you. For more information on our current vacancies, visit our jobs page.

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