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Metro Rod’s Rising Stars – Sam Hodgson

25th October 2021

Metro Rod’s Rising Stars – Sam Hodgson

Our engineers work tirelessly to provide customers with a first-class, professional service that leaves their drain problems in the past. We love to highlight the work they do, and today we're taking a look at one of our rising stars, Sam Hodgson, who works as a CCTV Operator at Peel Ports Liverpool site.

Sam Hodgson

What Job Did You Do Before Joining Metro Rod? 

Before joining Metro Rod, I worked as a blockage technician for a major Northwest utilities supplier.

Describe a Typical Day in Your Previous Job. What Were Your Responsibilities and Daily Activities?

Working as a blockage technician, my typical day to day responsibilities included:

  • Responding to any blockages or potential issues within the customer's drainage system
  • Identifying and fixing the problem to return the customer's drainage system to full working order and prevent any further disruption
  • Ensuring a fast and efficient service is provided to customers at all times and the area's left in a safe condition on job completion.

Did You Have Any Previous Experience in Drainage Before Joining Metro Rod?

Yes, before joining Metro Rod I had approximately 2 - 3 years of experience working within the drainage industry.

What Attracted You to Metro Rod?

I was attracted to Metro Rod because the opportunity presented was ideal. A career in drainage is something I thoroughly enjoy and actively want to pursue.

What Training Did You Receive for This Role?

When I arrived at Metro Rod, I already had many industry accreditations to my name due to my previous role as a blockage technician. However, there were a few gaps in my skillset that were required for my new role.

To ensure I was fully prepared for my new role, I received manual handling, working at height and health & safety training. In addition, I'm preparing for my OS19X exams.

I must say, the Metro Rod team at Peel Ports have come a long way in such a short time. Many of them were inexperienced in drainage when they started. However, they all operate as a unit now like they have been doing it their whole lives.

As a CCTV Operator, What Are Your Daily Responsibilities?

My current role as a CCTV Operator entails a lot of strategic planning and problem solving both of which keep the job interesting and, for me personally, are what I thrive on. My daily responsibility is to conduct CCTV drain surveys to inspect the existing condition of the drainage system and identify any issues.

Alongside my CCTV assistant, we'll begin by setting up safety equipment, such as barriers and warning signs, around the manhole before opening the access. I will then set up our state-of-the-art iTouch One reporting system and enter key information, including the pipe's size, depth, diameter, and the direction of water flow.

Once this information has been entered, the CCTV assistant will feed the camera down the drain, sending live footage back to the iTouch device. If any cracks, fissures, faults, or junctions within the pipework are found, I’ll ask the CCTV assistant to stop feeding the camera and record them in the iTouch One reporting system. We also have two crawler units that are used for medium and large diameter drains. These are propelled by electric motors in the crawlers and controlled from my purpose-built CCTV van.

Part of my work is also to update a very accurate drawing on my 4g Tablet.  I use GEO mapping technology to provide manhole locations and drainage layouts to an accuracy of 2 cm. After the survey has been completed, I'll upload all captured data to the iTouch live network where a colleague back at the office will put together an in-depth report and accurate drawing to share with the customer.

Where Do You See Yourself in 2–3 Years?

In 2 - 3 years, I would like to have a senior management role as I believe I have what it takes to run a successful and efficient team.

At Metro Rod, we pride ourselves on having a team of committed, passionate and highly skilled employees leading our business. If you're considering a career in drainage and think Metro Rod sounds like the right company for you, then we’d love to hear from you. For more information on our current vacancies, visit our jobs page.

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