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Reducing our carbon footprint

17th January 2022

Reducing our carbon footprint

Going Greener!

At Metro Rod (Norwich) we want to reduce our carbon footprint. Having reduced the paper we use in the office and implementing a paperless works management system, but we saw there are more ways to help the environment.

Reduce, reuse and recycle

We use a low carbon energy provider now and introduced the mantra of “reduce, reuse and recycle”.

However, we set ourselves a New Years resolution of looking at the next challenge… But how can we offset or reduce the CO2 from our fleet? Well, our first step was to connect with THG who work with tree planting partners across the world and with local communities to restore healthy forests and reduce extreme poverty.

Metro Rod (Norwich)'s target is to be net zero by 2030

Because the amount of CO2 our vans produce can be easily calculated. Each Monday trees will be planted to help offset the CO2 they produce.

So working towards net zero by 2030 is something to be implemented in stages and with due diligence.

“While looking into tree planting partners, it was brought to our attention that not all planting partners were as transparent as we would have liked. Some companies are in contract with logging companies and would allow the trees to be felled once they were 10 years old. Says Zarvin Wildey, head of sales and marketing.

Updates of our commitment to the sequestering will be updated monthly on our social media.

10,000 miles

So far we have planted trees that has over 10,000 miles of CO2 sequestration. We look forward to increase this next week.

In the near future we will be gifting a tree to customers who take the time to leave us a review on their experience with Metro Rod (Norwich).

This is just the start of our carbon journey at Metro Rod (Norwich). Over the coming months we will be actively working towards our goal and reducing our carbon footprint.

You can view our virtual forest HERE because it is important to be accountable.


Virtual Forest

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