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Review Of The Year

31st December 2018

Review Of The Year

Review Of The Year
We started featuring a toilet that cost £4k a pop, beautiful sunsets, early mornings and late finishes of our engineers hard at work.

February saw Metro Rod being featured in The Village People magazine and the extreme weather conditions of the beast from the east.

During April Metro Rod were match ball sponsors of the NCFC v Cardiff match and also the arrival of two of our beautiful new van packs.

May saw us being nominated and shortlisted or 'Business Champions of The Year" by South Norfolk Community Awards and we had more new van packs arriving.

Zarvin Wildey won our 'Poo Fishing' game in June and we continued to receive some really good feedback from our customers. We also solved the mystery of the correct rolling direction of a toilet roll.

In July we were looking at helping educational establishments. If you are part of a school, college or university we can still help. Give us a ring and we will come and take a look.

We also introduced our entire engineering team to you with some lovely shots of Shaun and the boys.

We then asked if we could assist those who work in the hospitality industry, just give us a ring as we are still happy to help.

The summer was dominated by The World Cup. Didn't Gareth and that lads do well! Thank you to those who entered into our sweepstake.

August say us cheering on all those receiving GCSE's and A Level results. Well done Charlie again!.

Autumn welcomed Kate, Mel and Shane to the Metro Rod family and Angie received her national award.

We enjoyed Christmas, and together the entire Metro Rod Norwich team wish you all a Happy New Year.

Remember we are available 24 hours a day, every day (including New Years Day).

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