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The Family is Complete – Blocked Drains – Metro Rod Manchester

20th December 2018

The Family is Complete – Blocked Drains – Metro Rod Manchester

Blocked drains can strike at the most inconvenient of times, and as much as we would love for bog standard drain rods to rid of the problem, it isn't always that simple. Sometimes your blocked drains need that extra bit of TLC that the local white van one-man band down the road can’t provide. That’s why Metro Rod Manchester and Macclesfield have invested in growing our family of picote cutters to allow for speedier, more efficient drain cleaning, using the best equipment in the industry to allow for a better service and leading to better results across the board when it comes to the care and repair of your blocked drains.


blocked drains, Metro Rod, Manchester, Macclesfield, Stockport

(Pictured: a Metro Rod Manchester and Macclesfield engineer carrying out high pressure water jetting on blocked drains)


Not a fan of text-heavy content? Why not see how Metro Rod Manchester and Macclesfield's specialist picote cutters can help with your blocked drains here by watching this short animated video.


blocked drains Metro Rod Manchester Macclesfield Stockport

(Metro Rod Manchester and Macclesfield are available 24/7/365)


By using the innovative picote cutters, we’re able to add value to every job. This is a specialist piece of equipment for fast and efficient drain cleaning, including the removal of scale and calcium build-up, tree roots, concrete deposits, as well as failed liners and imperfections in pipes. The picote has a spiral machine head that is inserted into the affected drain, and when operated, spins at such a rate that it essentially cuts out the material affecting the drain. Blocked drains don’t stand a chance.

The beauty of our investment means that no matter the cause of your blocked drains, we are able to offer a remedy using innovative, industry-leading techniques, at no extra cost to yourself. If anything, the use of a picote cutter saves you money as we spend less time alleviating the issues that are causing your property’s blocked drains.


Blocked Drains

(Pictured: Metro Rod Manchester's family of picote cutters helping combat your blocked drains)


Metro Rod Manchester and Macclesfield are your one-stop shop for drainage and plumbing solutions across Central and South Manchester, including Stockport, Macclesfield and the surrounding areas of Cheshire. To find out more on our specific areas of Manchester and Stockport that we cover, you can visit our website here, or for Macclesfield, see here. Additionally, to find out more information on our specialist services, along with the rest of our full range of drainage solutions, you can see our services page here.

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Metro Rod Manchester and Macclesfield are the number one choice of drain care and repair service provider for businesses across all sectors and industries. Since 1994, we have been providing expert solutions for blocked drains, CCTV Drain surveys, drain lining and repairs, as well as other cleaning and maintenance works on a 24/7 basis, to the homes and businesses of Manchester, Stockport, Macclesfield and surrounding Cheshire.


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