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Autumn is only around the corner!

28th August 2019

Autumn is only around the corner!

Autumn Drain Care

Autumn, Drainage & Falling Leaves

From season to season, there are many challenges you are going to face when it comes to drainage systems. Autumn is not exempt from its own unique challenges, and with the Summer coming to a close it is time for us to prepare for the coming months.

As nights get darker and colder, trees will begin to shed their leaves for the coming months. Although this might look striking and beautiful, it can create an absolute nightmare for your drains.

Metro Rod Cumbria can help you to prepare for the Autumn season, to make sure that your pipes run smoothly the entire time.

Falling leaves in your drainage systems

As leaves begin to fall from the trees in and around your garden, they will eventually find openings to guide them into your pipes. If your lucky, the leaves will simply wash away and out of your property. However, it is not unusual for some to start to collect in the form of a clog.

These clogs can eventually cause critical blockages, which can lead to burst pipes and widespread plumbing.

What can you do about it?

Since you can’t stop the leaves from falling your only option is to deal with them after they land on the ground. While you will never catch every leaf, you can significantly reduce the number blowing around your property.

Throughout Autumn it is vital that you rake your garden frequently. Even if you only get 80% of the leaves that have actually fallen, that is a significant reduction in terms of potential problems.

Every leaf that you gather up and stick in the compost bin is one less to clog your pipes. Raking is your first line of drain defence during the Autumn months!

Guard Your Openings

Once you have raked up your leaves and reduced the number of leaves blowing around, the next step is to guard your drain openings. There could be any number of drain openings around your property & it is important to shield them all.

You can buy dedicated drain guards. These allow water to flow through, but larger objects like leaves will become caught up in them. These are quite easy to install and inexpensive.

You could also use some mesh. This might be a little harder to install as it is not a dedicated product, but it will be even cheaper, and you might have something suitable on-hand already. Just use the mesh to cover the entrance.

Drain Jetting

No matter how careful you are there is still a real chance that a clog will arise anyway. Metro Rod Cumbria carry out professional drain jetting, you can guarantee that any blocks which are gathering will be forced on through the pipes and away from your property.

This process will make sure that your drains consistently flow at maximum capacity.

High-pressure water jetting is not only the best option for clearing your drains, but it is also entirely harmless to your pipes.

Drain Jetting

If you do end up facing a problem, or would like to schedule some drainage maintenance Metro Rod Cumbria are here to help, 24 hours a day 365 days a year!

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