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Fun Facts Friday!

23rd August 2019

Fun Facts Friday!

It’s common knowledge that when you take the time to think about drains, it’s usually due to the fact they don’t work and are most likely causing you trouble! You may not think of this however, without them we would be in a spot of trouble!

Here are some fun facts:

When Was The First Flushing Toilet?

It was in the 16th century that the flushing toilet was invented through a design made by Sir John Harrington. However, it wasn’t until 200 years later that the patented bowl was then created.

How Did Sewer Systems Start?

It was during 1858 – the year of The Great Stink, where the smell of the untreated human waste reached unimaginable heights during the hot weather – that Parliament agreed to install a London sewage system despite the great expense of the project. Click here to read more about The Great Stink.

When was the London Sewage System Built?

The majority of London had an underground sewage system running through it in by 1866.

How Long Did London Sewers Take To Build?

Bazalgette and his team of engineers built a 82 mile long sewer, which ran alongside the River Thames, along with 1,100 miles of sewers that ran along the streets. It took 318 million bricks to build the underground system for our drainage. Meanwhile, over 2.5 million cubic meters of earth was dug up in the process. In total, the sewers cost £4.2 million and it took about eight years to build.

Drainage Problems Today!

The biggest problems we have to worry about is blocked drains and ensuring we only flush away items that have been approved for flushing.

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