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It’s the last weekend to view the Whitechapel Fatberg

29th June 2018

It’s the last weekend to view the Whitechapel Fatberg

The Whitechapel Fatberg display comes to a close on 1st July. It has been on display at The  Museum of London since February 9th.  The display featuring a sample of the 130 tonne monster fatberg that formed in the sewer system below the streets of Whitechapel. It was discovered during 2017 and has been drawing crowds of people into the museum.  Consisting of fat, oil, wipes, human waste, condoms and other items that have been flushed down toilets in the area.

According to Wikipedia "A fatberg is a congealed lump in a sewer system formed by the combination of non-biodegradable solid matter such as wet wipes with grease or cooking fat. They have become an increasing problem in recent years, with the combination of aging Victorian drains and the rise of disposable (so-called flushable) cloths."

Like all displays at the museum, the Fatberg has sparked conversation and thought along with telling a story about how we currently live, it is a piece of history that will hopefully make people think about what they flush away.

Please click on the link for further information about The Museum of London and The Fatberg. https://www.museumoflondon.org.uk/discover/exhibiting-fatberg-monster-whitechapel





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