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Metro Rod Sponsor Local ‘Alpine Climb’

1st August 2018

Metro Rod Sponsor Local ‘Alpine Climb’

Metro Rod Newport, Hereford, and Gloucester are once again proud sponsors of the historic 'Alpine Climb' at the Cwm Carnival activities. Cwm carnival has been an annual festivity since 1956 in the Blaenau Gwent area. The carnival includes usual carnival delights, for example, stalls, games, and much more.

The prize money for each category has been sponsored by Metro Rod. Consequently, the grand prize will be £200 if the record time can be beaten!

A few of the staff have given it a go over the years and describe it as the hardest possible run/climb they've had to do. In conclusion, they won't be repeating it this year!

What is the Alpine Climb?

The historic 'Alpine Climb' - a highly regarded physical challenge that has been tempting runners since the 1970s. The Alpine Climbs forms part of the festivities of Cwm's annual carnival.

The Alpine run is a challenge of stamina, strength, and bravery. As a result, runners will test their fitness and endurance levels on an uphill climb to the top of a hill that overlooks Cwm and Waunlwyd. The climb stretches over 1400ft with a total distance of approximately 1.2 miles at a gradient of forty-five degrees.

The current record is over 20 years old and stands at 13 minutes 10 seconds! Which is a mind-boggling time considering the distance and gradient being covered.

Alpine Climb

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