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Metro Rod Take on 2 Apprentices!

19th December 2019

Metro Rod Take on 2 Apprentices!

In September 2019, Metro Rod Newport, Hereford and Gloucester decided to make a change. The change in question was to employee two new additions. The apprentices will complement the existing experience in the business.

Why did we hire apprentices?

Metro Rod made the decision to hire apprentices so they would have fully trained engineers ready to go after the 2-year apprenticeship scheme. By having apprentices rather than hiring qualified drainage engineers they will be developed up to the standards that we want. Having young apprentices means that they are more enthusiastic and eager to learn as they are blank canvases. In addition to having no bad habits. We are able to monitor the development of the apprentices through the 3 stage apprenticeship scheme.

Both apprentices are local to the Metro Rod Newport, Hereford and Gloucester base in Tredegar. Consequently, tapping into the local talent network.



What is the syllabus completed by the apprentices?

The apprenticeship is in drainage inspection, maintenance, and repair. This bespoke scheme was designed uniquely for Metro Rod. It provides a structured learning program that will train apprentices in the skills that are required.

There are 3 stages of the scheme. For example:

  • Foundation
  • Skill Development
  • Consolidation and Assessment

The first stage, foundation, lasts 3 months, whereas skill development takes 18 months to complete. The first and second stages are a mixture of practical and theory-based activities. However, the last 3 months of the scheme, consolidation and assessment, is where the apprentices are assessed on the competency to complete the job.

Currently, throughout the Metro Rod franchises, there are 8 apprentices.

The apprentices will receive driving lessons and will be put through their driving test as a part of the apprenticeship deal. Although due to the specification of them, apprentices won't be able to drive the vans until they are 21.

The apprenticeship is far more than unblocking drains. For example, it contains training on:

  • The latest iTouch CCTV reporting software
  • Robot CCTV crawler survey systems
  • Asset mapping telemetry
  • Pumping station maintenance
  • Electrical safe isolation
  • Home emergency plumbing surveys
  • Operations with Tanker Jetting units
  • Excavation


Our Apprentices

Our two new apprentices are both 16 years old and have come to us straight from school. Their great interview ability and excellent work ethic made the boys the best candidates

Gethin and Matthew are both on target to pass the foundation part of the apprenticeship scheme by January 2020.

Both Gethin and Matthew enjoy taking part in physical activities in their spare time. For Gethin, this includes playing for his local rugby team. Whereas, Matthew prefers to play football and golf.


Apprentices- Matthew

Who is Matthew?

Our first apprentice, Matthew Jones, chose to do an apprenticeship as he sees it as a great start to his working life and an opportunity to develop as a person. Matthew chose Metro Rod because he had heard many great things about the company and staff due to being local to the base of Metro Rod Newport, Hereford, and Gloucester.

Matthew was also inspired by Metro Rod's opportunity of learning on the job which is exactly what he wanted from his apprenticeship. Within Metro Rod, there are many amazing things and helpful people according to Matthew. This ranges from the office team to the engineers out on the job. This is due to them being extremely helpful and supportive with him as soon as he joined the team.

In 3 years, Matthew sees himself still working at Metro Rod but as a highly-skilled and experienced drainage engineer with many qualifications to his name.

Apprentices - Gethin



Who is Gethin?

Our second apprentice, Gethin Hale, chose to do an apprenticeship as he believed he would enjoy an apprenticeship more than if he were to carry on with his education. Gethin applied to Metro Rod due to him seeing the company as well developed, as well as taking interest in all of their staff.

Gethin's favourite thing about Metro Rod is that everyone has been so welcoming and supportive since he has started. As a result, this means helping and answering any questions he has had. In 3 years Gethin sees himself as a qualified drainage engineer who is well trained and highly competent to take on any job that comes his way.



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