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Pump Station Services and Maintenance

13th March 2020

Pump Station Services and Maintenance

What is a Pump Station?

Pumping stations exist due to waste from buildings not being able to reach the main sewer by gravity alone. Therefore, pumping stations are designed specifically to handle and transport effluent waste.

Generally positioned lower than the usual sewer system is the pump station. The main sewer then has the waste directed up towards it via the pump.

Waste inevitably builds up, reaching a predetermined point set by an engineer. The pump will then be activated to lift the waste through a pressurised pipe system. However, if this pump were to fail or break, the whole process could cease. Therefore, potentially causing floods, blockages, and an entire system breakdown.


The different types of Pump Station services

Metro Rod's employ drainage engineers of various backgrounds, differing from fully qualified, experienced, untrained and more. Our franchise train those engineers to the highest standards using numerous checks from different companies.

As a result, all aspects of pump station maintenance, repair, and servicing are what our drainage engineers are fully trained in.

Our services for instance including (Pump Station):

  • Emptying
  • Cleaning
  • De-Greasing
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Submersible Pump Supply & Refurbishment


Why keep up with pump station maintenance?

A pump, like all forms of electro-mechanical appliances, requires careful maintenance that checks that it is continuously working correctly. Regular servicing and maintenance ensure that there are no emergency breakdowns which could prove costly and disruptive.

All jobs are carried out by our team of trained engineers. All of which have a proven track record of working with all aspects of pump station cleaning, maintenance, and repair.

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Metro Rod Newport, Hereford and Gloucester are available 24/7 where we are able to deal with multiple types of drainage problems and issues including:

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  • Vacuum tank maintenance
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