#WorldEnvironmentDay – 5th June 2019

The theme for World Environment Day last year was to ‘Beat plastic pollution’. How did we all do?

Did you know wet wipes contain plastic and are one of the biggest causes of blocked drains in the UK?  They’re made with plastic resins such as polyester or polypropylene, therefore, they never fully biodegrade (which is why they cause blocked drains). Instead, they break into smaller pieces which then release microscopic fibres into the environment. Flushing wipes not only causes blocked drains, but also affects our environment. According to a recent study, pretty much all the word’s tap water contains plastic fibres, 83% came back with traces of plastic!!

According to WRC, over 75% of all blocked drains can be partly attributable to wet wipes. The BBC investigated last year and found that there were no wet wipes that were sold as flushable in the UK that had yet managed to pass the water industry’s disintegration tests. To stop plastic pollution and blocked drains the ‘Fine to Flush’ standard has come to light. WRC has long been at the forefront of research into wet wipes and their impact on blocked drains and our environment, and is proud to be the designated testing facility for all products wishing to gain ‘Fine to Flush’ certification. 




A similar study by Water UK, showed that in the UK there are approximately 300,000 blocked drains every year which costs the country £100 million – money which could be taken off bills or spent on improving services. Thousands of homeowners and businesses suffer flooding and require drain repair caused by blocked drains every year in the UK, leading to high drainage bills and increased insurance costs.

Blocked drains and flooding also has a major impact on the environment. The research by Water UK shows that most blocked drains and drain repair could be avoided by wet wipes being disposed of properly rather than being flushed down toilets.

So – on to World Environment Day 2019 – which is TODAY!




This year the theme for World Environment Day 2019 is #BeatAirPollution. To plant trees, clean up trash and to commute without polluting. Slogan: ‘Be part of the solution, not part of the pollution’. Nobody is safe from this pollution, which comes from five main human sources. These sources spew out a range of substances including carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen oxide, ground-level ozone, particulate matter, sulphur dioxide, hydrocarbons, and lead–all of which are harmful to human health.


What can you do?

Let’s help our environment by making sure we dispose of items correctly. No more flushing wet wipes down the toilet leading to blocked drains and polluted water. Let’s stop using plastic materials as much as possible. Need a straw? Try out the new disposable paper options. Let’s recycle our waste correctly! Solar power? YES! Every little helps, let’s work together to protect our environment.

Too late? Have you flushed those wipes?

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