A few minutes a day keeps them leave’s away…  

I can’t believe autumn is only a month away! Soon, leaves will start to fall off the tree’s, making there way to our DRAINS! Leaves can be a nightmare when it comes to blocking our drains. Check out Metro Rod Coventry, tips on how to prevent leaves from blocking your drains this Autumn.

Prevention –

Spending a few minutes outside sweeping leaves, with a good old fashioned garden brush, will prevent them from finding there way to the drainage system. Simply sweep into a pile and depose of them safely.

If the leaves do get stuck, its best to get them out. Use a thick pair of work gloves, and remove them. I know its not a pleasant job, but it will prevent blockages, and keeps the drainage system free flowing.

Simple & Effective –

Drain guards allow water to flow through, while trapping any leaves and other debris. They are very effective and affordable.

Bring on the power –

If you cant think of anything worse than gardening, but want to keep the drains clear, why not invest in a leaf vacuum. Its quick simple and easy to use, it will vac them leaves up for you in no time, without even getting your hands dirty!

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