Kings Lynn is a Seaport and Market Town in Norfolk, 158km miles from London and 71km from Cambridge. It is mentioned in the Doomsday book in 1085, 30 years or so later in 1101 the then Bishop of Norwich gave permission to hold weekly markets and annual fairs – from this day forward the town has never stopped!

This vibrant town is serviced by, Metro Rod Cambridge a local Drain Care and Repair Company who offer a comprehensive service, daily unblocking drains, carrying out pre–planned maintenance works on the towns drainage and also carry out CCTV surveys on the newly formed housing estates and business parks. Here are some fun facts you might not know about Kings Lynn – so well worth a visit.

  • Until 1537 Kings Lynn was known as “Bishops Lynn”- it changed its name when the King took control of the town
  • In 1665 the plague reached Kings Lynn and 1882 Cholera struck
  • 1605  saw the building of the Greenland Fishery House  this can be visited today and it showcases the towns Heritage and Maritime history including its links to Whaling!
  • The beautiful Customs House is built in 1683 and still stands on the Medieval Harbour in Kings Lynn
  • Railway links, banks, docks, museums and libraries are added over the next couple of hundred years making the town “Beautiful, well built and well situated” said Daniel Defoe, English Novelist, Pamphleteer and spy, famous for his Novel, Robinson Crusoe
  • The town has 2 theatres Corn Exchange and the stunning St Georges Guildhall, which is now owned by the National Trust
  • 1757 was the year Seafaring hero George Vancouver was born in Kings Lynn. He was the 1st explorer to discover and map Canada!
  • Sir Michael Caine attended King Edward VII Academy when he was evacuated during World War 2
  • The Hanse Day Festival is celebrated every year on May 20th to keep alive cultural and social alliances. This includes a parade, regatta, music, historic trails in order to celebrate the history of the Hanse League – which is a network of ports across Europe. Kings Lynn has the only surviving Hanseatic League Warehouses in the country
  • Long before Pocahontos was transformed into a Disney princess she was the daughter of a native American leader, and is said to have saved the life of John Smith of King’s Lynn in 1607. Six years later she was captured by the English and a year later married another Norfolk man, John Rolfe of Heacham. She and her husband and their baby son travelled to England where she became something of a celebrity, but she died just a few miles into her voyage back to Virginia
  • Kings John Cup is an excessively ornate cup, made of silver, gold and jewels almost 800 years ago. It is the finest and oldest object of its kind in the country (although it never belonged to King John) and is on display at the Town Hall
  • Campbells Soup came to Kings Lynn in 1959 until its sad factory closure in 2017. Andy Warhol famously designed the iconic tin in 1962!
  • Kings Lynn have an absolutely fantastic drainage company that operate throughout the town!  Metro Rod happily serve the 147,500 population in Kings Lynn on a daily basis, working for local landlords, letting agents, domestic clients, educational outlets, business parks and a massive variety of other sites unblocking drains, root cutting, clearing fat and grease from drainage systems in local pubs and restaurants and providing CCTV surveys to ensure that the newly built properties have clear drains to begin their lives with.If you live in Kings Lynn or surrounding villages and require the services of Metro Rod please don’t hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear from you.

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