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With over 40 depots operating across the length and breadth of Britain, we have many news stories to share which demonstrate our good works and exceptional customer care. Throughout our news you will also be able to access useful resources, advice and infographics relating to our services.


Pitch Fibre Pipes

As the days grow colder and nights draw closer we approach the end of October and Hallowe’en. The spooky goings on that come with the time of year begs the question: what could be lurking underground ready to cause you some trouble?
Category: blog
On: 25.10.2017

Maintaining Urinals: What You Need To Know

Urinals are a staple in many businesses. They come in a variety of types, ranging from metal to ceramic from waterless to flushing, but one thing remains consistent in all urinals: scale.
On: 10.08.2017

Home Buyers Survey for your Peace of Mind

Out of sight, out of mind. That’s the way most of us tend to think of our drainage, unless it causes problems: but then it’s all we can think about as we try to manage it and resolve the issues. There are times though when having the forethought to consider the drainage of a property before any problems start is very worthwhile and one such time is when you are buying or selling a home.

On: 13.04.2017

A handy reference guide for our customers!

We've created a handy reference guide to the services that we offer throughout Metro Services Group (Oxon & West Bucks)

Category: Services
On: 09.03.2017