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Our Story

As always, the 21st of March will always be an important day for our franchise. This is due to it marking the beginning of our business venture into drainage.

This year, in 2016, it is even more special, as we are celebrating 10 years since the business first began.

Founded by our current director Colin Witcomb, and his business partner Gary our franchise has developed quickly. The business started small, based in the garage of Colin’s house with only 2 vehicles.

Colin and Gary only had one other employee, a drainage engineer who is still working for us today!

From the moment the business started, there was no telling the great progress that would’ve been made.

After splitting the franchise into 2, with Colin and Gary going their separate ways, it was easy to get lost in the local areas rather than the bigger picture which had recently halved.

Since then the business has grown rapidly. With the acquisition of the Gloucester franchise in 2012 fuelling growth over recent years. The Newport, Hereford, and Gloucester franchise now employs 1o local engineers as well as 4 members of office staff.

After 10 years in the business, we can only hope that the next 10 years will be just as successful. With the introduction of Metro Plumb and the continued growth of the Metro Rod brand, there can only be exciting times ahead.


Are you in need of reliable and efficient drainage or plumbing solution? Metro Rod Newport, Hereford and Gloucester can help you and your businesses or home with our services

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Metro Rod Newport, Hereford and Gloucester are available 24/7 where we are able to deal with multiple types of drainage problems and issues including:

  • Unblocking drains
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Drain clearing
  • CCTV drain survey
  • Septic tank pumping
  • Vacuum tank maintenance

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