Metro Rod Newport, Hereford and Gloucester have been investing!

We have invested in a brand new vacuum tanker to add to our fleet.

The franchise purchased a 3000-gallon RECycler 414 vacuum tanker to service our ever-growing number of commercial clients. Therefore, utilising our services for various jobs, for instance:

  • Emptying of cesspools
  • Septic tanks
  • Packaged sewage treatment plants

To clarify, this new tanker will allow us to work more efficiently. Consequently, offering our customers more comprehensive waste handling and transportation services.

The RECycler 414 is one of the most powerful recycling units. Equipped with an automatic water recycling system and a number of other technologies that increase efficiency. So, there is now a clear opportunity to get more profit at the bottom line.

The tanker has top-class power, quality, and functionality. As a result, only one man is needed to operate with the help of a wireless remote control or control panels mounted on board. In addition, the recycling system is fully automated, and the built-in tank has a movable partition. Together, it makes the unit more efficient – saving both time and fuel.

White Vacuum Tanker

Metro Rod meanwhile has recently re-branded our Jet Vac tanker by utilising the new Metro Rod branding.

Moreover, the bright green colouring will aim to make us stand out from our competitors. Unveiled at our annual conference, the new design shock the crowd at The Celtic Manor Resort.

For example, a vacuum tanker was placed on display in the conference hall for all Metro Rod franchisees to view.

In conclusion, our Jet Vac unit is specialised in removing silt, liquid waste, and debris from various objects. For instance:

  • Large diameter pipework
  • Culverts
  • Wet wells
  • Cesspits
  • Septic tanks
  • Packaged sewage treatment plants


Green Vacuum Tanker

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