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Are you thinking of buying a new house in Doncaster Rotherham Sheffield Barnsley or renovating your current home with perhaps an extension or additional building? Have you considered a CCTV Survey Drain Inspection?


Whether you’re looking to sell, buy or renovate, a CCTV Survey Drain Inspection can make the decision on how much you purchase/sell the property for as it will give you or the potential buyer an idea of how much it’s going to cost to maintain the drainage system. If you know that the drainage system is in perfect condition with no defects, you can ensure there’s no bumps in the road when buying/selling the property across Doncaster Rotherham Sheffield Barnsley.

CCTV Survey Drain Inspection


Using the latest technology for the CCTV Survey Drain Inspection, we can identify any defects and diagnose the problem in the quickest time possible. Once a CCTV Survey Drain Inspection is carried out, we will let you know whilst on site if the drainage system appears to be in full working order or if we notice any defects. The report will then be submitted to our office who will analyse the report in more detail and produce an CCTV Survey Drain Inspection Report.


What is included in a CCTV Survey Drain Inspection report?

Once the report has been submitted to the office, our team of CCTV Analysts will re-assess the footage and check further for any defects. You’ll then receive the final report through our easily accessible online portal.

The report will include:

  • Job Overview
  • List of lines surveyed
  • Site drawing
  • Video footage of drains
  • Site photos
  • Manhole photos
  • Defect summary
  • Survey photo pages
  • Quotation for defects rectifying (if any)


A CCTV Survey Drain Inspection report saves a lot of time and money as it keeps disruption to a minimum as no dig is required and it can identify exactly where the defect is on which particular drain so we can then return and fix the problem without digging the whole garden up and replacing all of the pipework.

If you’d like to arrange a CCTV Survey Drain Inspection in Doncaster Rotherham Sheffield Barnsley, contact us and we’ll can book for an engineer to visit your property at a time when is convenient for you.


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