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No-Dig Drain Repair.. explained

19th February 2020

No-Dig Drain Repair.. explained

No-dig drain repair – saves time, money and hassle


We understand the effect it can have on both domestic and commercial properties when drainage emergencies occur. At Metro Rod, we try our hardest to make sure all repairs are carried out effectively and efficiently to avoid disruption to business and avoidable costs. Our no-dig drain repair methods allow us to repair the drain without having to dig, cause a mess or disturb normal business hours.

With a little help from the latest technologies available in the market, we’re able to offer stress-free solutions to drainage problems.

Unfortunately, it’s inevitable that once a drain is cracked, broken or collapsed, it’s vital that remedial works are carried out as soon as possible. Blockages, floods, leaks and bad odours are all key signs to watch out for if defects are left untreated.


iTouch CCTV Survey


First, if you notice that your sewers/drains have become clogged, slow draining or smelly, it’s critical that an accurate inspection is carried out. When we carry out the CCTV Survey, it will provide us with a real-time report, and we can recommend the most effective way of solving the problem.

The iTouch system allows us to process the report online, without the need to print a copy and post it out to you. Often, before the engineer has finished packing up his CCTV unit, the report will be being sent through to the online portal ready to be viewed. (Don’t worry, if you’d prefer a paper copy and DVD, we can sort this for you).

Precision and accuracy are very important in drain repair which is why we have invested heavily in the very latest CCTV inspection equipment and software. The CCTV units allow us to know exactly where the defect is so we can easily install a patch liner or repair a small piece of drain rather than digging up the whole area.


LSR Patch Liners


If drains are cracked or deteriorated, the drain could potentially collapse. If a drain was collapsed, this could cause flooding, leaking, blockages and foul odors.

With the LSR Patch Liners, we’re able to provide a quick and easy drain repair with the least possible fuss!

The LSR Patch Liners involves inserting the liner into the pipe from a manhole or other access point. Once the patch liner and resin are in place, we’ll use an air packer to put the liner in place. The resin will cure and will then secure the liner solid to the pipe. The liner will cover any cracks, breaks, and fractures and equally strengthen the existing pipe.

Our LSR Patch Liners are the perfect no-dig repair. They create long-lasting solutions with little/no disruption to public streets, businesses or domestic/commercial properties.




In some cases, a no-dig drain repair isn’t an option, unfortunately. If the drain has completely lost its structure/shape, then we would have to carry out excavation. An excavation involves digging then replacing the damaged section of the pipework.

We have dedicated groundworks teams at Metro Rod South Yorkshire. Ready and fully equipped to excavate, repair/replace damaged pipework and additionally reinstate the area back to the original surface. Whilst working on sites, our groundworkers are considerate and always carry out works when is convenient for you.

From start to finish, you can be assured that you'll receive the best service which is quick, easy and affordable.

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