Non Return Valve London Drainage


Whilst much of Metro Rod Central London’s drain care work involves the cleaning and unblocking of drainage system pipework, whether on a reactive emergency pr pre-planned maintenance basis, there is actually much more to the range of works we carry out for our customers here in the capital.

For example we :

  1. use CCTV technology to inspect and survey drainage pipework, both internal and external/underground
  2. Install an maintain pump stations
  3. Undertake roof drainage and gutter cleaning works
  4. Carry out structural repairs and modifications to drainage systems and underground drain pipework

In the photograph above we see one recent example of the latter with a photograph of a new non-return valve we recently installed in a central London commercial site.

Non-return valves are innovative devices designed to prevent any possibility of flooding caused by the back flow of rain water , waste water or sewage via the drain systems and toilets. Effectively these valves protect rooms on lower levels from this flooding risk which can otherwise be pronounced in certain locations.

Similar devices, which can be similarly introduced into your building’s drainage system, are rat blockers which effectively provide a “cat flap” style barrier to rats and other rodents and  protect your plumbing  and drainage system from the possibility of them  entering buildings.

Are you experiencing ANY issue with your site drainage system  such as slow flow, bad smells or flooding ?

Are you keen to inspect the condition of your site drainage pipework to ensure drains are free-flowing and problem-free going forward ?

Would you like to discuss how Metro Rod can help maintain and improve YOUR London drainage system ?

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