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10 Winter Drainage Tips

10th January 2022

10 Winter Drainage Tips

In winter, it is important to look after your drains. Drains are more likely to encounter problems due to the cold weather in addition to increased use. The last thing anyone wants to do in such weather is deal with blocked drains and frozen pipes.


That's why we have put together a list of our top 10 tips for looking after your drains in the winter.

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Our Top 10 Tips:

1. Find your stop valve-The stop valve is usually located under the kitchen sink and should be checked regularly during cold weather. A stop valve can often corrode over time, so it’s best to open and close it every few weeks, just to ensure it’s still working correctly.

2. Flush water down your kitchen sink-This flushes away any small particles that might be stuck to pipes and should be done before and after filling your sink. This will prevent a build-up of debris, which could lead to a nasty blockage if left untreated.

3. Don't pour fat, oil or greases into drains-
Instead, pour them into an old drinks carton and throw it away. The winter cold will make these substances set even faster, therefore, increasing the risk of creating a blockage.

4. Insulate pipes and tanks-Insulate with foam padding or insulation tape as this will keep the heat in and reduce the risk of freezing which can cause pipes to crack.

5. Clear manholes/outside drains-Outdoor drains are more likely to block in the winter months, but less likely to have any difficulties if they are kept clear of leaves, twigs, and other debris.

6. Beware of dripping taps-Not only does it waste water, but it encourages pipes to freeze and can cause lots of damage in the long run.

7. Prevent plughole blockages-The bath and shower plughole checks should be done to ensure there are no blockages. The plughole should be cleaned with a drain cleaner to keep the water running away smoothly.

8. Clear your gutters-Leaves, twigs, and other debris can block your gutters which if left uncleared then can cause blockages resulting in water overflowing in or outside your home or business.

9. Pour hot water down your kitchen sink-As an extra precaution, pour some hot water down the kitchen sink every couple of weeks to help remove any build-up.

10. Call in the experts-By having your drains inspected by an expert like Metro Rod, you are less likely to have any drainage problems during the winter months


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