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800 Tonnes Of Wet Wipes Block Our Drains Every Week

4th March 2019

800 Tonnes Of Wet Wipes Block Our Drains Every Week

The scores are on the doors:-

800 tonnes of wet wipes block our drains every week.

Of 40,000 blockages a year 80% of these are caused by wipes and other sanitary products.

As reported by our friends over at Anglian Water today in the EDP. However this could be a staggering 93% according to the largest study of sewer blockages which was conducted in 2017 according to The Guardian.

Wipes, sanitary products and all the other things  flush down the loo, combine with the fat, grease, and oils  and create massive fatburgs. These fatburgs are becoming increasing common and problematic, only last week Anglian Water reported clearing a blockage in Ipswich as a result of Yorkshire Puddings in the drains, and an 84 meter long fatberg was found over in Liverpool.

The major water companies have launched a new scheme called 'Fine To Flush' which tests wipes to see if they are actually plastic free and flushable, they have awarded their first 'Fine To Flush' accreditation, and the company who have been awarded the accreditation are launching there first 'flushable' wipes next month. More information can be found here

What should be flushed down a toilet?

The only things that should be flushed down toilets are 'Pee, Paper and Poo' simply remember the three P's and only stick to water being put down your kitchen sink. Using a sink strainer will help catch any debris left over from washing up. Foods such as pasta and rice will continue to absorb water and swell, getting soggier and stickier causing it to attract debris such as other food particles and wipes. Other big no, no's include coffee grounds, egg shell and oils and fat.

What will happen if the drains do start to block?

You may notice nasty foul smells coming from the drains outside, or your kitchen sink. Water in sinks and toilets may also be slow to drain away. Its best to call Metro Rod Norwich as soon as you suspect something isn't quite right. We will be happy to send one of our qualified, experienced and friendly engineers out to fix it for you. We use the latest technology including high pressure water jetting . If your drain is totally blocked or your toilet is backing up then you will also be pleased to know that our team of Metro Rod Norwich are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The Metro Rod Norwich Team,  carries out tasks such as:-  Unblocking drains * CCTV Survey * PPM’s * Gutter Clearing * Cracked Pipe Repair * Water Leak Repair * Septic Tank Emptying * Drain Care * Septic Tank Maintenance * Homebuyers Drainage Survey * Fat & Grease Management * Sewer Inspections * Pipe Lining * Excavation * Drain Mapping * New Drain Installations * Tanker Services * Emergency Plumbing *

Just give us a call (anytime) on 0800 668800 and we'll do the rest.





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