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All you need to know about Gutters

26th May 2021

All you need to know about Gutters

Gutters are fitted to every home. The main reason for gutters is that they collect the water from the roof and prevent it from dripping down the side of your home creating pockets of damp. For this reason, it is essential that you have regular maintenance for your gutters. Over time your gutters can fill with debris such as moss and leaves which fall from your roof.

If your gutters are left untouched then they can block the water from draining correctly. This leads to damaged drainpipes and in extreme circumstances, property. The blocked gutters can damage doors, windows, gutters, and building foundations- whether it's a residential or commercial building.


How to know if your gutters need cleaning

Blockages in your gutters or downpipes aren't always visible from ground level. However, we know of a few signs which you can be visible, if only you know what to look out for. For example:

  • Nests in the gutters including birds, animals, and pests
  • Sagging gutters
  • Stains on or around the gutter or the building foundations
  • Plants and weeds growing in the gutters
  • Overflowing water while raining

Gutters 3 Signs Of Blockage

The damage blocked gutters can do to your home

Having professionals conduct regular maintenance on gutters is the best solution as homeowners often don't have the correct equipment or skills to complete the job.

The 4 W's of how blocked gutters can damage your home:

  • WATER - The rainfall on blocked gutters can help water seep through roofs and walls and into your ceilings and anywhere inside.
  • WEIGHT - Your gutters are not designed for large weights that debris and water can cause. Therefore, causing gutters to bend and possibly break.
  • WOOD - Gutters rest on the transition trim. If the gutters are blocked can cause rotting and deterioration to the transition trim which is usually made of wood.
  • WILDLIFE -  Vegetation in the gutters can be caused by insects/birds and debris such as moss and nests.


What we offer

We provide professional gutter cleaning, unblocking, and maintenance services using the best most up-to-date technology. When carrying out the work, our highly trained engineers use a state-of-the-art Metro Vac system which can reach up to 10 meters. Our gutter VAC is fitted with a camera with live footage so we are able to monitor the job and provide a quality clean.

Our VAC has the ability:

  • Easily lift debris such as moss and leaves from the gutters
  • To send real-time video to a monitor, allowing our engineers to precision clean and process large amounts of guttering safely, quickly, and efficiently.
  • Offer good access to the gutters without working with the risk of working at heights.

Performing a good futter and downspout cleaning will ensure any debris such as branches, nests, leaves are removed from the roof. This is to prevent the debris from washing into the clean gutters the next time there is rain. Therefore, preventing further blockages and build-ups, ensuring your gutters are working to their maximum efficiency.


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