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Blocked Drains in Aylesbury? Give Metro Rod Aylesbury & High Wycombe a call!

30th October 2018

Blocked Drains in Aylesbury? Give Metro Rod Aylesbury & High Wycombe a call!

Drainage problems in Aylesbury? No problem for Metro Rod Aylesbury & High Wycombe


Aylesbury is a large town only a short drive from our local office and is a town we spend a lot of time in, handling everything from blocked drains, CCTV drain surveys, descaling urinals, gutter clearing and much more. Today we're going to throw the spotlight on this town in keeping with our current series of focusing on our towns and cities in our area.


  • Plenty of Forts: Aylesbury was first called Aegels Burgh when it was first founded in Saxon times. Burgh is a Saxon word meaning fort, however through the course of time whoever Aegel was has been lost. In 1985 excavations around the town revealed an Iron Age Hill fort dating back to the 4th Century BC. Looks like Aylesbury was a great place to keep fortified over the course of history!
  • Weather Woes: on the 21st of May the first ever recorded tornado in the UK passed through Aylesbury.
  • Wartime Refugees: 4048 London children were evacuated to Aylesbury
  • Local Hero: In 1640 John Hampden was elected MP for Buckinghamshire, where he quickly established himself in the eyes of his constituents, not least because he refused to pay Ships Tax, given that the county was landlocked and therefore should have been exempt from this tax.
  • English Civil War: John Hampden was part of the resistance to King Charles I and played a major role in the ensuing civil war, rallying a regiment called the Buckinghamshire Greencoats. The Battle of Aylesbury saw a combined effort from a Parliamentary army and a homegrown militia defeating Royalist forces in the town, however this battle is not without some controversy in recent years.
  • Waddesden Manor: a stunning stately home set in beautiful grounds, this is a must for anyone visiting Aylesbury or the villages around it. In fact it is one of the most visited houses in the UK!
  • Hospital History: Stoke Mandeville Hospital serves the residents of Aylesbury and in 1944 became home to The National Spinal Injuries Unit, which was designed to treat and aid the rehabilitation of war veterans with spinal cord injuries. They were even the first NHS unit in the country to win a coveted international accreditation award.
  • Shopping: Friars Square is the place to go!
  • Livestock: the famous Aylesbury Duck is naturally something people think of when they think of Aylesbury!


Aylesbury is a growing town and we have been pleased to work in this area for almost two decade now. Our local knowledge and extensive experience with blocked drains, CCTV drain surveys, gutters, gullies, and everything else drainage has served us well and we hope to continue serving the people of Aylesbury for many more years to come.


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