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Collapses, Cracks, and Drain Repairs Explained

28th June 2019

Collapses, Cracks, and Drain Repairs Explained

Collapses, Cracks, and Drain Repairs Explained

The nature of drainage systems means they are subject to a host of issues which can cause them to malfunction. After all, they are mainly underground and subject to an array of elements and weathering effects.

We can split problems with drain pipes into three main categories; blockages, collapses, and cracks. In this article, we will outline the difference between these and shed some light on what we will do to fix them.


As debris builds up in your drainage systems, clogs will begin to accumulate. As the blockages grow, water flow will become restricted. Eventually, this will cause an outright blockage, meaning no water at all will be able to pass.

If not addressed, these types of blockages will cause significant damage. As the water backs up, so will pressure, which may lead to burst pipes and extensive water damage. The liquid wont have anywhere to go, therefore this will force itself out through the gaps and cracks, eventually causing a full-on flood.

In order to prevent a burst pipe from happening, we use our high-pressure water jetting units. We will find a remote access point into the drainage system, blast the blockage, with our high-pressure water jetting units, which will force blockages to break up and flow along.

Signs you have a blocked drain pipe:

  • Blocked pipes generally give off foul odours, reason behind this is because, as debris decomposes within the system and bacteria accumulates, resulting in the foul odours.
  • When flushing or draining water starts making loud gurgling noises, then there is a good chance of a blockage. The sounds come from the water trying to bubble past the blockage.
  • If your sink begins to empty significantly slower, then this is a sign of a clog. The explanation for this is simple: the water simply cannot get where it needs to go, resulting in baths, showers, sinks, toilets not draining away freely.


While blockages are a problem inside the pipe, a crack is an issue with the pipework itself. They can occur from a variety of reasons. Pipes which are outside, for example, are exposed to a number of challenges even when they are underground.

Changing temperatures, for example, can cause pipes to crack. Occasionally, the plastic will simply become too old and worn out, which can result to fractures and cracks on the pipework.

Another problem with cracks is they can quickly expand. One way that this happens is the issue of troublesome tree roots. Trees and plants will grow towards sources of moisture, finding a tremendous source of liquid within drain pipes.

The roots will naturally find the cracks and will grow inside, eventually forcing them to widen and causing slight cracks to become wide gaps.

To fix a cracked pipe, we will locate the problem, by completing a CCTV survey. Once we have located the crack, Metro Rod Coventry & Leicester, will reline the pipework with our No Dig Technology repair. No Dig Technology not only saves a lot of money, but also saves time and is extremely durable.


A collapsed pipe is one of the most damaging problems that can occur within your drainage system. Rather than water escaping slowly, expect a high volume of water to flood out of the destroyed pipe.

If this happens inside your home, water damage will be widespread, which can lead to a lot of internal damage.

More likely, a collapsed pipe will occur outside of your home. This can very quickly lead to your garden becoming entirely waterlogged, leading to expensive landscaping work on top of the drainage repairs.

In order to fix a collapsed drain, there is no other alternative but to replace the defective pipework entirely. One of our engineers will narrow the problem down to the precise location of the collapse, we will excavate, keeping disruption to an absolute minimum.

Signs you have a collapsed drain.

The giveaways for a collapsed drain are in many ways similar to a blocked drain, but there are also many more. For example, when the pipe collapses and the surrounding earth becomes flooded it will begin to sink and collapse. When this happens, you will likely notice a significant dip or crevice in the ground outside.

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