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Cracked Pipes: Causes and Solutions

19th July 2021

Cracked Pipes: Causes and Solutions

We know that your drainage system is a crucial part of your home. But we also know that they aren't invincible and can suffer different types of damage throughout the years. Cracks and holes in your pipes are a common form of wear and tear, creating major problems throughout your property.

Metro rod can keep you in the know with your drainage system by teaching you how to identify and manage a cracked pipe until we can repair it for you.

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What Causes Cracked Pipes?

There are many different reasons why drain and sewage pipes can encounter problems. In many cases this due to the pipes being exposed to the elements and household waste. The combination of these materials can be lethal for the condition of your pipes causing disfigurement and cracking.

  • Depending on the type of material used in your property's pipes, corrosion can be common, especially in outdated systems where the particular metal isn't used anymore.
  • Another regular source of damage can be underground damage, where natural factors or problems with the building foundations can cause problems
  • The growth of tree roots can also cause major issues to your property's pipes both underground and above.

A compromised piping structure can lead to further damage, meaning that one crack can lead to many more. Each situation is unique, therefore, there are many different types of cracks, for example:

  • Lateral
  • Longitudinal
  • Pipe Fractures

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How Can I Spot A Potential Problem?

Due to pipes being hidden underground or behind walls, it can be difficult to spot any damage. But, keeping a watchful eye should help you notice any problems as soon as possible.

Cracks in the pipeline can lead to water leaks and blockages.

The common signs of a cracked pipe are, for example:

  • Foul smells
  • Dampness in walls/floors
  • Cracked walls/floors
  • Wet patches inside or outside the property
  • Sinkholes


Cracks are not the only possibility, although quite likely. Therefore, further investigation is recommended.

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What Is The Solution?

Firstly, Metro Rod would encourage a CCTV Drain Survey, as with the pipes hidden away it would be best to confirm that the source of the troubles is a cracked pipe and not anything else. After we have confirmed the problem is in fact a cracked pipe, there are many options that could be used depending on the type and size of the cracked pipe.


In this method, any cracks and holes will be sealed to prevent leaks without the need for replacing a section of pipe. Drain relining is best used for cracks around 5ft. Relining utilises a bladder which is then inflated to mesh with the pipe's internal walls. This barrier then ensures that the pipe will continue to work as well as a replaced pipe and causes minimal impact to the capacity of the flow.


This is an older method of trenchless pipe rehabilitation. The tubes are inserted into the pipe to create a new route for waste and water to flow. Depending on the size and type of problem, the tubing can be created out of various materials and can come in as many sections as needed.

The structure of the pipe would now be even stronger due to the leak now having to escape two different materials to cause any other problems.


For major problems, drain excavation is the only solution. This method includes digging into the ground, wall, or floor to find the issue and replacing the broken pipes.

This can cause inconvenience to those who live or work at the property. However, this method will save money and work in the long run as it is the most permanent solution to a cracked pipe situation.

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