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Friday Fun Facts.

29th March 2019

Friday Fun Facts.

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Fancy a bit of history? Or information on the origins from a favourite childhood story book?

We may know the story of Dick Whittington and his Cat. The chap who arrived in London as a pauper, and who became Lord Mayor of London three times. Well Dick (Richard) was very clever and kind, but the story doesn't do him justice. He was actually Lord Mayor of London an amazing FOUR times, and he may have never had a cat! One thing is true and that's his philanthropy and support for the people of London. He build Hospitals and Libraries and Almshouses. But did you know he also build a massive toilet!

Named 'Whittington's Longhouse' it was situated on the banks of the River Thames and was near where Cannon Street Station stands today. It was able to 'seat' up to 128 people, equally split between ladies and gents facilities. It even had 5 or 6 Almshouses build on top of it! Imagine that pong! The idea was that twice a day the tide would naturally carry the waste away, and it worked. It worked so well that it was still in use over 200 years later! In 1666 it was destroyed in the great fire of London and rebuilt to a much smaller scale.

Mr Whittington was certainly an innovative chap improving the living standards of Londoners, I wonder what he would have thought of the super sewer currently in construction?

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