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Got a blocked toilet in Banbury? Metro Rod have the solution!

18th February 2019

Got a blocked toilet in Banbury? Metro Rod have the solution!

Do you live and work in Banbury? Do you have a blocked toilet or other drainage problem? Metro Rod Bicester & Banbury will be there for you with the perfect solution!


It's time to take a look at Banbury, one of the many towns we covered for Metro Rod, bringing the best of our skills to the drainage problems that occur from time to time. Our drainage solutions range from unblocking a toilet in a home to descaling urinals in a pub, to clearing the gutters of a two storey building, to lining a cracked pipe with our no-dig drain repairs. You can see all of our services here!


  • Banbury is twinned with Ermont in France and Hennef in Germany.
  • Ride a cock horse to Banbury cross; not just a nursery rhyme, you can see the "fyne lady" upon her white horse as you drive through Banbury.
  • King of the castle; visitors to the area would be amiss not to visit Broughton Castle. Just two miles south of Banbury, the fortified manor is a great day out and has been used for film locations, most recently in Wolf Hall on BBC2!
  • Time for cake; did you know Banbury cakes are a local sweet treat? They are similar to Eccles cakes and you can follow this recipe if you want to try your hand at them!
  • Oliver Cromwells secret plots; Banbury is home to many pubs and it is believed that he used some of these old pubs to hold meetings and thereafter as court rooms during the Civil War.
  • When in Rome; in 1963 local farmer John Taylor was ploughing a field, when he stumbled upon the first clue of what would eventually be discovered: a Roman Villa!
  • Hit the shops; there are a few options for visitors, with Castle Quay Shopping Centre and Banbury Gateway. We work at both sites, so we couldn't possibly pick between them!
  • Banburys population is constantly growing as the town builds more homes. If you're looking to buy or sell in Banbury you know who to call for Home Buyers CCTV surveys!


There's a lot we do for the drainage in Banbury as we've worked in this area for the past 2 decades. If you want to learn more there are links to other articles below or you can get in touch directly to hear from us. If you have a drainage problem in Banbury, Metro Rod Bicester & Banbury have the solution!


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