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Highly Trained Engineers | Metro Rod Deeside Chester

14th August 2019

Highly Trained Engineers | Metro Rod Deeside Chester

We know you want the best of everything. So, when it comes to your drains why should you settle for anything but the best, too?!

The best engineers, the best equipment and the best customer service! We provide all this and more for our customer and clients alike!

The best engineers are the highly trained ones!

Our engineers are trained to the highest standards. Undergoing days upon days of training before they're a fully fledged engineer. Our engineer will not only under go all sorts of practical training, but important written qualifications too!

Just take a look at the training we provide to all our engineers (each engineer is required all of these as a minimum standard here at Metro Rod).

  • High Pressure Water Jetting - A drainage engineers bread and butter! Being trained correctly to use these high powered jets is a two day long course and one of the most important that our engineers go through.
  • Confined Spaces - Entering manholes and tanks is just a small part of our job. Despite this, all our engineers are trained to use specialist equipment to enter a manhole safely.

Confined Space Entry - Just one of the many highly skilled jobs we undertake!

Confined Space Entry - Just one of the many highly skilled jobs we undertake!

  • CSCS - CSCS Cards are a requirement to work on construction sites. By owning one of these cards, it shows our engineers know the safety requirements when working on an active construction site.
  • First Aid - From emergency CPR, to burns to simple cuts and bruises. All our engineers are trained to undertake simple First Aid on themselves and others working with them.
  • Sign, Lighting and Guarding (Correct use of barriers in a working environment, etc.)
  • Sharps Awareness - Sometimes our engineers can come across nasty things in drains. Needles and broken glass are familiar sights to them! As a result of this course, our engineers know how to handle situations like these correctly.
  • Noise Awareness - High Pressure Water Jets, EMC Machines, Drills, Saws and more! All of these tools used by our engineer make noise. Therefore, our engineers are trained to know what level of exposure to loud noises of this kind is safe for both themselves and others around them. From this they know how to combat it. Protective earmuffs are standard parts of PPE provided to engineers.

PPE, such as earmuffs, are standard for our engineers!

PPE, such as earmuffs, are standard for our engineers!

But wait, there's more!

  • Personal Safety - All our engineers are trained in personal safety for lone workers. Sometimes there is no need for a plumbers or engineers mate, so our engineers must know how to keep themselves safe in an environment when they are working alone.
  • Slips, Trips and Falls - Our engineers work around water and often uneven surfaces. They are trained to know how to look out for hazards to ensure they remain on their feet and to manage those hazards safely to protect others from them too!
  • CDM Awareness - Engineers undertake this course to understand core concepts of the regulations and details the various roles that are required for a construction project. Also, they will familiarise themselves with the key documents that need to be produced for these projects.
  • Risk Management - Before every job is under taken, our engineers are required to fill out a Risk Assessment form to bring to light any hazards on the site they are working with. More importantly, this course trains our engineers on how to identify and manage those risks.
  • Workplace H&S - Engineers take this training in order to have an understanding of health and safety legislation and are able to list common causes of accidents. Thus, they are equipped in order to prevent them from happening in future cases!
  • Mental Health Awareness - Mental Health in the workplace has become a prominent subject in the last few years and we take it very seriously here at Metro Rod. This training course provides our engineer with the knowledge on how to spot symptoms of Mental Health Issues and Illness amongst colleagues and how to help in situations like this.

And yes, there's even more!

But you'll have to come back next week to see just what else our engineer are trained in! The safety of our engineers and the public is the most important thing to use when we're working at your home or business. So, you can be safe in the knowledge that all our engineers undertake all this rigorous training before attending works!


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