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Metro Rod get to the root of any drainage issue in London

5th October 2021

Metro Rod get to the root of any drainage issue  in London


When your business, or household, drainage system is failing to be as free-flowing and effective as it should be there can be many possible causes. This is particularly so here in London where internal pipework and external drains can be subject to very heavy usage.

At Metro Rod our high pressure water jetting and electro-mechanical cleaning equipment will clear blockages caused , typically, by things such as :-


However sometimes problems can arise from structural defects in the drainage system, where a pipe has suffered damage from a physical cause such as ground subsidence, rodents or, as pictured above, plant and tree roots entering underground drains !

Tree roots will enter drain pipes in "search" of water and will exploit any minor crack to do so. This invasion with quickly result in widened cracks in the pipe and can ultimately block the drainage system . Take a look at this root removed from a drain by Metro Rod Central London last month !!

Drain Blocked London Root


Using CCTV technology Metro Rod can identify the exact nature of any problem in your site's drainage system. We will then act accordingly to repair the damaged drain, wherever possible avoiding the need to excavate by using no-dig technologies where obstructions are removed and pipes repaired from ground level.

At Metro Rod Central London we diagnose the cause of drainage problems, and provide appropriate solutions, every day 24/7 for London's business owners, Facilities managers, Property Managers, Maintenance Managers  and residents . You can count on us to get to the ROOT of your issue, whatever it is.

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