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Our Apprenticeship Scheme and Beyond!

7th April 2022

Our Apprenticeship Scheme and Beyond!

Our Apprenticeship Scheme

Our Metro Rod apprenticeship scheme focuses solely on drainage & plumbing and has been endorsed by CABWI. The scheme consists of 35 internal courses and 12 external courses to make it the most comprehensive apprenticeship within the drainage industry.

By not depending on colleges for training input we achieve two big advantages for career development, for instance:

  1. Training and development are individually tailored to create a multi-skilled drainage specialist. Expert drainage technicians and business owners with years of experience will act as mentors.
  2. Training and development will take place while in the workplace and dealing with current problems.

The scheme is delivered while working and split into 3 phases, for example:

Metro Rod Apprenticeship What Will You Learn


Our Success Stories

Matthew Jones and Gethin Hale joined Metro Rod in September 2019 as apprentices after completing their GCSEs. As qualified drainage engineers, they are subsequently able to handle blocked drains, rodding, CCTV surveying, etc on their own.

After the 3 year scheme, we asked both of them if they would recommend the apprentice route to others:

"If someone were to ask me whether they should take an apprenticeship with Metro Rod, I would 100% recommend them to. From day one I have been made to feel a part of the team. With an engineer mentor who helped me through the pratical part of my apprenticeship and the support I received with personal development oppurtunities, I couldn't have asked for a more welcoming place. In short, I am very grateful to Metro Rod for encouraging me and giving me the space to grow throughout my apprenticeship and in the future." - Matthew

“Yes, the apprenticeship has been everything I could've hoped for. Personally, I couldn't have asked for a better start to my working career and think anyone in a position to start with Metro Rod shpuld take the offer. I had the dream start with Metro Rod, with everyone being so welcoming. No two days are the same, even now I've 'graduated'- I could be clearing blockages one day, cleaning guttering the next, or working on any of the 5 tankers that the business have. I can't wait to upskill myself and hopefully learn to drive the bigger vans and the tankers in the future."  - Gethin

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Success In the Making

Callum started a 3 year Metro Rod drainage engineering apprenticeship in November 2021. As an apprentice, Callum will be training in unblocking manholes, operations with Tanker Jetting units, and cleaning grease traps. Due to Callum choosing to complete an apprenticeship straight from school, this is his first time working.

When asked why Callum decided to take the apprenticeship route, he said:

"School and I never got along. The last thing I wanted to do was sit behind a desk all day. I love getting hands on in a job, finding solutions where I don't have to stop what I am doing but instead working under pressure to find the answer while still on the job. I never really thought about drainage as a career before speaking to my cousin, Llwys, who works for Metro Rod as a tanker operative. Before I applied I asked what they were like to work for and how they handled apprenticeships. During my interview with Metro Rod I was overwhelmed by how helpful Ben (the boss) was. He brought in one of the previous apprentices so I could ask questions and that sold me on the apprenticeship scheme."

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