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Pre-Planned Maintenance | Metro Rod Deeside North Wales

2nd May 2019

Pre-Planned Maintenance | Metro Rod Deeside North Wales

I'm sure you've heard and read across our website about Pre-Planned Maintenance before. But, we're here today to let you all know what it can actually do to help your business or home and the works which it could entail.


PPM for Domestic Properties/Homeowners

You may think that Pre-Planned Maintenance may not be necessary for your home when it comes to drainage, but you'd be surprised!

As a result, regular upkeep of pipework and drains in your home will prevent costly call outs time and time again when an issue arises.

Typical examples of Pre-Plannned Maintenance for your home would be;

  • Pipework De-scale - Uric scale can cause build up in your toilet pipework, not only causing unpleasant smells in your bathroom but can even lead to slow draining toilets when flushing. We are able to perform specialist EMC (Electro-Mechincal Cleaning) to de-scale the pipework to prevent any issues from occurring.
  • Gutter Cleaning. - Using our Metro Vac system we are able to clean guttering on your home from ground level. This means you won't have the greater cost or scaffolding or high level  ladders to clear them. Take a look at this innovate system over on our services tab here!
  • Septic Tank Maintenance. - Regular upkeep of your septic tank is crucial to the health of your drainage network. If your property relies on this kind of system for your waste/foul drainage. Our Tankers are able to empty out septic tanks on a regular basis to prevent any nasty surprises!

Though it's not always required, we can also offer you a drain clean at your domestic property. Every one of our vans here at Metro Rod Deeside are equipped with High Pressure Water Jetters and able to perform jetting tasks to clear any drain. This can be beneficial for a number of reasons; root ingress, build up of fats/oils/wipes and more. Additionally, we can perform a looksee using our CCTV camera equipment to ascertain any defects in your drains and provide a quote to remedy this to prevent further issues in your home.

So, if any of these services sound like they could be beneficial to your home, take a look at our contact details at the bottom of this article!


PPM for Commercial Properties/Businesses

Pre-Planned Maintenance can be extremely beneficial to larger businesses and commercial properties. Similarly with domestic properties, regular upkeep of the health of your drains can prevent costly call outs for blockages and other drainage related issues.

Typical examples of Pre-Planned Maintenance for your business/commercial property would be;

  • Pipework De-scale.- Much like domestic properties, uric scale can build up in your pipework of toilets and urinals. This can cause bad smells and ultimately cause blockages. If not regularly kept on top of, scale build up can wind up proving costly to your business. We can attend your commercial property at regular intervals throughout the year to perform EMC (Electro-Mechanical Cleaning) works in order to keep on top of the cleanliness of the pipework.
  • Gully Maintenance.- If you have a car park or in some cases a wagon/van wash area, chances are your business will have a network of gullies/drains. Over time and weather changes these can fill with silt and possibly, with heavy rains, cause flooding in some areas. With the use of our Tankers, we are able to both remove the silt and jet through all the drainage in order to restore full flow. This keeps your issues to a minimum. Dependant on your circumstances (how often the area is in use, size of the pipework/network of drains, and even underlying defects) will all depend on how frequently we would recommend a site clean for your commercial property.
  • Grease and Fat Management.- If you are in the food/catering industry you may be familiar with grease traps and fatbusters. If not, now is the time to think about looking into it for the good of your drains' health. We are able to frequently empty your grease traps and replenish your fat buster packs in order to keep your drains flowing freely. This prevents build up of fats and oils which cause hundreds of blockage a year in catering and hospitality establishments.

Metro Vac - a ground level alternative to clearing your gutters!

Metro Vac - a ground level alternative to clearing your gutters!


All of the above we can provide for you, no matter your location in North Wales, Chester or Wirral. Simply contact us on the details listed below. One of our technically trained engineers will be able to give you a FREE site assessment. They can then suggest the best course of action for your drains in order to prevent issues in the future.

Firstly, we'd normally recommend an initial site clean in the first instance to restore full flow and ensure optimum performance across your site's drainage network.

From here, all the info our engineers collect will be collated into a bespoke Pre-Planned Maintenance programme, designed specifically for your and your site's/home's needs. 

Above all, we're the able to arrange with you, the customer, a suitable time and date to carry out all works required in your new Pre-Planned Maintenance programme. We are  24/7 reactive business and are able to work around your business hours so as not to cause disruption to your daily schedules. Is your car park full until 5pm and you've got gully maintenance scheduled in? We can arrive after 5pm once the areas are more accessible!

Are you in need of a reliable and efficient drainage or plumbing solution? Metro Rod Deeside can help you and your businesses or homes with our drainage and plumbing services! Check out our contact details below!

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Metro Rod Deeside operate 24/7. Calls will always be answered directly by an experienced on call manager who can start diagnosing any drainage problems. Our on call manager will also assign you to an engineer who can be on site within a matter of hours. We operate throughout North Wales, including Anglesey, Chester and Wirral areas. We’re able to deal with problems such as;

  • Blocked drains (internal or external)
  • Sink, urinal and mainline drain blockages
  • CCTV surveys of drainage systems
  • Tanker Services
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Robotic Cutting
  • Drain repairs – no dig or excavations
  • Preventative maintenance
Talk to you local metrorod specialist

Talk to your local Metro Rod specialist

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