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Restaurants – Managing your Drains! | Metro Rod Deeside Chester

25th June 2019

Restaurants – Managing your Drains! | Metro Rod Deeside Chester

Restaurants of all sizes rely heavily on their drains flowing freely.

From customer toilets, to kitchen sinks, to dishwashers, to grease traps.


Just one issue with any of these facilities can cause absolute chaos for a busy restaurant, on any day of the week at any time of day! Restaurants are under serious scrutiny not only from customers but from health officials, EHO, to ensure their establishments are in top condition and suitable measures are taken to ensure the health and safety standards are impeccable.


That is where we at Metro Rod come in!

We work with some of the top Facilities Management companies in the UK to help these restaurants, along with working with big chains directly and many independent eateries too!

Restaurants work long hours, so we do too! We can have an engineer to a restaurant in North Wales, Chester or Wirral within hours. This ensures that the establishments can keep their operations running. No one wants to find that at 7pm, before the big dinner rush, that you've got blocked toilets. No one wants to find at 8am, when the chefs arrive to start their day, that the grease trap isn't functioning.

How about a little breakdown of the services we can offer you?

Emergency drain care

Day or night, if you're working, so are we! Blocked or overflowing toilets, urinals and sinks we can care for them all. In addition to specialist tools such as our EMC (Electro-Mechanical Cleaner) out Picote Mini Cleaner, Mini Jetters and our trusty High Pressure Water Jetting Van Packs, there's no job too big or small when it comes to caring for your facilities. Take note of our number at the bottom of this article and you'll be directed to our office who will be able to out you on track and send out an experienced engineer. Also, when you call out of office hours, we have dedicated duty managers to answer your call and ensure an engineer gets to you, quick!


Pre-Planned Maintenance

We find the best way to deal with your drains is to deal with them BEFORE they become a problem! By having a regular planned maintenance programme, you can ensure that your drain keep clean. This will significantly reduced, or even get rid of, costly calls outs when you have an emergency issue. You can read more about our pre-planned maintenance programmes here. But, we will be happy to send one of our experienced engineer t scope your site for FREE and suggest a bespoke maintenance programme according to your particular restaurants requirements.


Grease Trap Management

If you want your grease trap to function efficiently, you need to have it maintained regularly. For manual grease tanks, you can empty the grease trap by hand or you can leave that dirty job to us! We have many years experienced in maintaining and managing these systems, so you know a professional is there to take care it when we arrive. If you have an automatic grease trap system, it will skim out the grease and dispose of it in a container or drum, we can help by collecting and disposing of this correctly. However, even the automatic systems need to be cleaned and maintained often, and we're happy to do that for you! And if you don't have one in your restaurant kitchen, we can even install one for you! Grease traps are a must have addition to your kitchen. They prevent all the fat, oils and grease (FOG) from slipping through your drainage pipework. So, once the FOG cools, it will stick itself to the inside of pipes and eventually block them.


All of the above we can provide for you, no matter your location in North Wales, Chester or Wirral. Simply contact us on the details listed below. One of our technically trained engineers will be able to give you a FREE site assessment.

Above all, we’re the able to arrange with you, the customer, a suitable time to carry out all works required, we work around your schedule so you have no need to close and affect your business. Is your car park full until 5pm and you’ve got gully maintenance scheduled in? We can arrive after 5pm once the areas are more accessible! Do you open for service at 10am? We can be there earlier to carry out works!

Are you in need of a reliable and efficient drainage or plumbing solution? Metro Rod Deeside can help you and your businesses or homes with our drainage and plumbing services! Check out our contact details below!

Call us on; 0808 250 9915

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Metro Rod Deeside operate 24/7. Calls will always be answered directly by an experienced on call manager who can start diagnosing any drainage problems. Our on call manager will also assign you to an engineer who can be on site within a matter of hours. We operate throughout North Wales, including Anglesey, Chester and Wirral areas. We’re able to deal with problems such as;

  • Blocked drains (internal or external)
  • Sink, urinal and mainline drain blockages
  • CCTV surveys of drainage systems
  • Tanker Services
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Robotic Cutting
  • Drain repairs – no dig or excavations
  • Preventative maintenance
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