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Sewers and drains explained

10th March 2020

Sewers and drains explained

What am I responsible for?

There are endless amounts of pipes, drains and sewers hidden away from view inside homes and under the ground – so it’s worth bearing in mind that their maintenance is the responsibility of either the local waterboard or yourself!

What you're responsible for:the pipes, gutters and drains in and around your home, including the drains from your property up to your boundary (unless it is a shared drain where several neighboring properties' drains meet together before they join the public sewer, see picture below). If you're unsure of your responsibilities, please don't worry - give us a call on 0191 231 2310, we'll be happy to help.

What your local waterboard is responsible for: the big public sewers that take sewage and rainwater run-off to our wastewater treatment works (as well as the pipes from the boundary of your property up to where they connect into the public sewer). Shared drains where several properties' drains meet together before they join the public sewage system are also their responsibility to maintain - so if you suspect that this is blocked, please contact your local water board so they are aware.

What your local authority is responsible for:road gullies; these are small grate-covered openings at the edge of roads, and are used to drain surface water from the roads and motorways. If you’re worried about blockages or smells from these please contact your local council


Sewer Boundaries


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