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Smell a drain problem in London ? : Let Metro Rod take it away

1st February 2022

Smell a drain problem in London ?   : Let Metro Rod take it away

London drains bad smell


Problems with drains can take a number of forms forms , all of which we are very familiar with at Metro Rod Central London :

  • Blocked drains or internal drainage pipework , typically due to build up of scale deposits over time or because of the introduction of inappropriate content , such as non-soluble wet-wipes or fats and grease, into the drainage system
  • Cracked or damaged drains and pipework
  • System inefficiencies due to grease traps or other drainage installations which need cleaning out or emptying
  • Ineffective drainage systems which require structural alteration, for instance to improve the "fall" in ¬†pipework to install grease management systems as commonly seen in London's many restaurants and other catering and hospitality establishments.

Perhaps the most common early indicator of a problem with your business or domestic drainage system , even in advance of experiencing issues with insufficient flow, is the presence of a "bad smell" in , or around, your building. This odour, typically caused by build up of bacteria , food waste or sewage in sub-optimal drainage systems, is a clear indicator that all is not well.

In reality there can be numerous causes, and the issue can be at any point within your building's drainage system. Metro Rod Central London's work for Facilities Managers and Property Managers across London has, over the years, involved resolution of problems throughout , from scaled urinal pipework immediately within the room , to blocked soil stacks within office block buildings  (see here for a great example of this) to structurally damaged underground drains.

At Metro Rod we have :

  • CCTV capability to inspect your drainage systems pipework to ensure problems are correctly identified and diagnosed.
  • Electro-mechanical cleaning equipment to clean pipework of varying diameters, from small-bore sink or urinal pipes to large diameter vertical soil stacks
  • High pressure water jetting technology to powerfully flush through underground drainage, leaving your drains clean and free-flowing
  • Repair technology to fix any structural repair identified in your pipework , ensuring it remains sealed, watertight and odour-free.

No-one wants a bad smell, and certainly no-one wants the disruptive drainage problems which inevitably follow as blockages and leakages occur.

We are 24/7/365 responsive to drainage emergencies but PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE and a Metro Rod Central London pre-planned maintenance programme will ensure that your drainage system is cleaned at appropriate intervals to ensure your business in the capital is never disrupted by blocked or ineffective drains.

Call us today on 0203 875 6780 to discuss how Metro Rod can support your business/building in the most appropriate way . We are happy to carry out a free site assessment to discuss and agree the right approach for your site.

Keep things sweet with Metro Rod Central London drain care and repair !

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Talk to your local Metro Rod specialist

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