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Take Care of Your Sinks on Pancake Day!

5th March 2019

Take Care of Your Sinks on Pancake Day!

We love a good holiday that revolves around food at Metro Rod Oxford so Pancake Day rates pretty highly with us, however it's important to remember to carry on caring for your sink amidst the food preparation of these sweet treats: recipe here!


Sinks. They sit in our kitchens and enable us to wash our dishes and the pipework takes all of the waste water away, through your kitchen gully and down to the foul water line. It's important to look after them because if you get a blockage anywhere in that pipework you could be in for a nasty surprise if the water starts backing up again.


How to Care For Your Sink 

  • Sinks are for washing dishes and they do not like food scraps. It's always advisable to scrape plates and bowls into the bin before starting the washing up, even if the only thing left on the plate is sauce or gravy.
  • Fat, Grease and Oil (FOG) should never be poured down the sink. Some places advise pouring boiling water down the sink to help the FOG travel through the pipework, but this is bad advice: the FOG may travel further with the help of hot water, but it will inevitably cool and thicken, coating the pipes and regardless, FOG should not be entering the main sewer line where it could mix with other debris and create monster Fatbergs.
  • Top Tip: let grease harden in the pan, then scrape that into the bin when solid or pour liquid grease into a non-recyclable container, chill in the fridge to harden if necessary and then throw the whole thing away.
  • The U-Bend under your sink should always maintain a water level so that it can effectively prevent bad smells from coming up through the plug. If there is a blockage in this part of the pipe, you could end up with a smelly sink, but the good news is that with a bucket and a pair of rubber gloves you can probably tackle this clearance yourself.
  • Don't be tempted to use chemicals to unblock your sink pipework; most often these won't shift blockages and can be harmful to the engineer called to get up close with the pipes and they can also cause damage to certain pipes, not to mention to the environment when they reach sewage treatment plants.
  • If you want to give your sink a gentle, but effective clean you can use a mixture of 2 parts bicarbonate of soda to 1 part salt; mix it together, sprinkle as required over your damp sink, leave a few minutes and scrub.


Now that we've covered all that we can come back to the fun part of the day: what kind of topping do you like best for your pancakes!


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