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Taking Disinfection to the Next Level

7th March 2018

Taking Disinfection to the Next Level

When we got a call from a client in Buckingham to say that they had a leaking overhead pipe in an underground car park we set off to help. This was a perfect opportunity to utilise our latest disinfection technology: the Prime Shield BioFountain!


The pipe had been leaking for some time before it was discovered and so the floor of the car park was saturated with foul water and sewage and worse still, it was on the cars that had been parked overnight. Our engineers quickly got to work repairing the pipe after shutting off the water. They had to remove a section and replace it completely, ensuring a tight seal that would prevent this from happening again. After that it was a matter of pumping the standing water out of the car park and then commencing with the rest of the clean up. This was not a quick job, but we take hygiene very seriously. The water took a while to pump out and after that we could get to work disinfecting the area.


This simple looking aerosol was placed on the ground and set to release. Over the next 15 minutes this sprayed a sanitising mist over the surrounding area and worked it's magic. This mist was made up of an organic biocide which got to work killing nasty pathogens, such as are found in waste water and sewage. Once the mist landed it created microscopic crystals on the surfaces it touched, as a further barrier that remains active for up to 90 days. Part of the advantage of this fountain is that it can spread over a wide area and it does not affection respiration. It is a safe and easy method of disinfection and we cannot rate it highly enough!


We are thrilled to be working with PrimeShield and their innovative biocides and our customers are, too!

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