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Tanker Services; the ins and outs of our Vacuum, Jetting and Combination Tankers | Metro Rod Deeside Chester & North Wales

24th July 2018

Tanker Services; the ins and outs of our Vacuum, Jetting and Combination Tankers | Metro Rod Deeside Chester & North Wales

Good morning class and welcome to the first of our Technical lessons here at Metro Rod Deeside. I will be your teacher for the next 600 words, so pencils at the ready and eyes front! We’re here today to give you a little lesson in our Tanker Services. We're going to discuss the difference between our Tankers and why they are used. There is some information at the end of this article o how you can contact us and we can help you to ascertain if you need one of our Tankers at your property or business for your blocked drains.

You may or may not have seen one of our tankers across your area. Chances are you probably have, as they are quite hard to miss! These massive machines are probably one of our busiest members of the fleet here at Metro Rod Deeside. With at least one of them being out on the road or on site on a daily basis.

There are generally three types of tankers in use across Metro Rod – Vacuum Tankers, Jetting Tankers and finally Combination Tankers.

Tanker Services - Vacuum Tankers

Vacuum Tankers can come in pretty handy when things like flooding occur. Water is sucked through a 4” hose and into the large tank at the back of the vehicle. Once the water/waste has been sucked through, the Tanker is then taken to an approved and specialist waste disposal plant to be emptied. Depending on the nature of the waste will depend on where it is disposed of. Vaccum Tankers can also come in handy when clearing out septic tanks.

Vaccum Tanker at one of our sister services depots

Tanker Services - Jetting Tankers

Jetting Tankers basically work in the opposite way to a Vacuum Tanker. Unlike our smaller High-Pressure Water Jetters (which work by sending smaller volume jets of water at high pressures) Jetting Tankers can send out large volumes of water at lower pressures. This type of jetting is mostly used for larger blocked drains and gullies, where the build up of debris has become unmanageable to drain away by the rain. Due to the sheer volume of water produced by the Tanker, Jetting Tankers are able to clear debris quickly and efficiently to get thing back up and running smoothly.

Tanker Services - Combination Tankers

Combination Tankers are our all rounders of the fleet. They are, as the name suggests, able to both create a vacuum to get rid of debris build up whilst also jetting in high quantities to clear blocked drains. This type of tanker is mostly used where flooding occurs. When this happens it can bring out silt and other nasties from street drains and gullies. Combination Tankers are able to get a blocked and unmanageable drain system back to full potential in no time.

One of our new branded Tankers out on the road

As we live in the glorious country that is Britain, we have some amazing landscapes. That can sometimes be an issue as we have many businesses and homes that live in remote rural areas with limited water access in order to flush away blocked drains as we would normally need a water supply to run our smaller jetting equipment to clear blockages.

But with our Tanker Services we are able to take advantage of the unique recycling method available on our Tankers. Before works begin we are able to fill our tanker with clean water to be used with the jetting function. This allows us to jet for several hours without having to leave site to refill. This is helpful if you are in a rural area with limited water access.

We have Tankers at your disposal morning, noon and night, 365 days a year to meet all you domestic and commercial needs so please get in touch with us if you think your home/business is in need.

That’s the end of our lesson.

Gold Stars for everyone, Class dismissed!

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