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What to do with a Burst/Leaking Pipe

5th May 2021

What to do with a Burst/Leaking Pipe

Is there water ebbing through your ceilings? Are you finding unidentified pools of water where there shouldn't be?

These are what we would call plumbing emergencies, and they require urgent attending.

Accessing pipes that are within walls, ceiling, or under floorboards can be difficult but our engineers can advise the best course of action for your business and/or property.


The difference between a leaking pipe and a burst pipe



What to do when a pipe bursts

Turn off the water supply – The water supply is usually located near a meter outside, in the basement or in the utility room. This immediate action can reduce the volume of water and potential damages.

Locate the source – Try to find where the possibly broken or fractured pipe has occurred. This can help the technician address the problem immediately upon arrival.

Electrical Hazard – Take extra precautions where large amounts of water are flowing and pooling in the property. As the slightest contact with any electronic equipment including a light switch can cause electrocution if touched. If there is a problem turning off the water supply then move all people and animals to a safe place.

Contact us immediately – Our engineers are on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We will get our engineers there as fast as possible for water extraction, suspension, and restoration services.

Protect your assets – If it's safe to do so, move your valuable items to a dry safe place. By sanitizing and drying damaged content there is a possibility to restore the contents. Therefore, preventing contact with water will benefit valuables.


How we fix leaking/burst pipes

If you have a burst pipe you should call the professionals as soon as possible, our Metro Rod have a team of highly qualified and trained engineers who are fully equipped to help you when you have a burst or leaking pipe.

No-Dig and Trenchless Drain Repair- Homeowners and businesses often delay repairing their drains as there is a concern in potential disruption. However, leaving a drain in a state of disrepair can lead to further damage and costs later on.

Getting your drains reviewed and repaired with Metro Rod doesn't have to be disruptive as we use no-dig and trenchless drain repair. We conduct these repairs using a live feed camera to guide tools down the drain. Therefore, by using these tools it is then possible to repair the drain without any need to dig up and expose the pipe.

Drain Patch Repairs- Metro Rod are able to suit all drain diameters with our range of patch repairs. Therefore, this allows us to fix any drain from the inside by sealing it with a patch designed especially for the problem area. The patch supports the lining, filing any cracks and fractures that could be causing damage to the drain. Applying a patch is often preferred by professionals as it is one of the least disruptive forms of drain repair.

Full Drain Repair- If the drain does need to be excavated to be repaired, we will always conduct the repair as efficiently as possible. Above all, customers are our highest priority and we aim to make the repair as convenient as possible.

Burst Leakiing Pipe

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