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You Really Want To Read This!

19th June 2019

You Really Want To Read This!

Here at Metro Rod Norwich we come across many preventable blockage due to wipes of all kinds being flushed down toilets. This problem is becoming so big, once again this week it has featured on the BBC.

Can you believe that from the study they found a staggering 16 tonnes of wipes in the Bristol city area over a 3.5 day period! And that's just the wipes that have successfully made it through the pipes and pumps of the sewer system to the treatments works. So many more wipes are left in the pipe system amalgamating with fat and grease and other nasties. They then get snagged and slow down the water around them creating turbulence, they attract even more wipes and more sediment accumulates around them causing the blockages. Did you know wipes are reportedly responsible for 93% of blockages in the UK!

If that's not bad enough the video also show's that shockingly over 90% of wipes also contain plastic. Take a look at the short video here. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=23981153

Matt Wheeldon, a Director at Wessex Water, has tried to push for action to prevent wipes being labelled as “Flushable”.

He said: “I think they’re a complete scourge on our society.”Whoever came up with the bad idea didn’t think about the impact they’re going to have on the environment.”

Meanwhile, wipes which escape the filters have an even greater environmental impact, ending up in rivers and on beaches.

The future hope is that scientists can produce a wipe that would fully break down when flushed. Industry testing is underway and the findings show that a product that can flush correctly is on the horizon but is not currently available in the UK.BBC Radio 4 – Costing the Earth is airing a programme that discusses this issue if you want to take a look .

Here at Metro Rod Norwich, we are used to relieving the local areas sewers of wipes that have caused drainage blockages. We provide a 365/24/7 unblocking service to the local area of Norfolk and North Suffolk. If you are experiencing a blockage or smelly, slow to drain pipes, please do get in touch and we can sort out the issue quickly and effectively. We actively encourage you not to flush wipes down your pipes, but we understand this is hard to control especially in public buildings, offices and commercial businesses, In your home you can encourage your family not to use wipes, but depending on the drain run configuration a blockage down the line could affect your facilities and be your responsibility.

A property owner is likely to be responsible for drains within the property boundaries serving it. For both residential and commercial properties – a clear message is being offered – Don’t put  wipes down the toilet – think of the 3 P rule – only Pee, Poo and Paper!

For Business users, Metro Rod can provided a bespoke Pre-Planned Maintenance Package to minimise disruption and help maintain the drainage and toilet systems. Please get in touch with us if you would like some advice for your business how best you can keep your flow!

If you are purchasing a new property and would like to take advantage of our Home Buyers CCTV Drainage Survey, this will provide you with peace of mind that nothing unexpected will appear down the line (no pun intended). Many insurance companies and Mortgage Providers will insist that such a survey is carried out for properties of a certain age.

If we can assist you with any of the above, please feel free to get in touch by contacting Metrorod Norwich on 01508 535127 or 0800 66 88 00 24 hours a day. Or email Angie on [email protected]

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