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Our Tankers: Vacuum Tanker

14th June 2021

Our Tankers: Vacuum Tanker

Our 4000 Gallon Vacuum Tanker!

As our growth continues, not only do we have to invest in various tankers and equipment to meet the needs of our increasing workload but we have to make sure our tankers are branded up or painted.

The Vaccum Tanker is predominately used for non-hazardous liquid waste handling.

Our Vaccum tanker has a wide range of features, for example:

  • Bodies Range to suit Chassis 7.5 tonnes to 32 tonnes
  • Vacuum Circuit Range from Mistral 400
  • Other Performance Levels Available
  • Range up to Mistral 1000
  • Drain Diameter: All domestic range
  • Bespoke Hose Reel Solutions


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In addition, our Tanker can handle up to 4 thousand gallons of waste and has the ability to clean all domestic drains with a range of drain diameters available.

Above all, every Vacuum Tanker is purpose- designed, meaning every VACUUM Whale is different depending on the customer. For our customers, we wanted the best, so we designed our tanker purposefully for our customers. In conclusion, we aim to give our customers a tanker which can give them what we previously weren't able to deliver with our other tankers.

Don't forget to keep an eye out for our Vacuum Tanker!

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