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Providing the local community garden with an outside tap at Stobhill link charity

13th August 2020

Providing the local community garden with an outside tap at Stobhill link charity

Providing The Local Community Garden With An Outside Tap At Stobhill Link Charity


Our Morpeth office received a call from Sarah at Stobhill links enquiring about outside taps. They wanted a cold tap installed in order to water their community garden easier, previously volunteers had been bringing along water bottles for this mammoth task. It wasn’t very time effective for them as they could be spending this time actually working in the communal vegetable garden.


We wanted to help. We sent out one of our experienced plumbers who discussed with them what work would be needed in order to install the tap where they wanted. Their requirement was to make the tap as accessible as possible to everyone.


When we went along to say hello on the day of the installation, they had a mass range of fruit and veg that had grown wild during the lockdown. Strawberry galore, potatoes ready to harvest and garlic and onions already hung up drying, it’s a great way for people to get to know where and how the food they eat is grown and a great form of exercise for all involved. All of the growing materials along with seeds and plants are all donations from the community and local businesses.


Stobhill Link is a local Charity that aims to help the community in numerous ways. They provide emergency food bank rations along with helping parents and carers with school uniforms and smart work clothes for people who have a job interview. They have a paint shed filled with amazing bits and pops aiding the process of moving into a new home or doing up a room.


The lockdown has been hard on everyone and Stobhill link have done everything and anything they can to help people in the area, from food shops to collecting prescriptions, they have a dedicated team of volunteers who help make all of this possible.


Metro Rod Donates Outside Tap


We are glad we were able to help Stobhill link on their mission to help others, We are grateful that your organization spends their time making a positive impact on others’ lives.


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