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Metro Rod West Yorkshire and Yorkshire Slang

1st August 2019

Metro Rod West Yorkshire and Yorkshire Slang

Metro Rod West Yorkshire and Yorkshire Slang


West Yorkshire Slang


‘Appy #YorkshireDay from Metro Rod West Yorkshire. T’celebrate the GREATEST day of't year we have put together some of ah’ favourite sentences you may only know if you’re from 'God's own country' and some definitions for those who unfortunately can’t understand:

  • “Tin tin tin.”
    You know that biscuit I was saving? Well it isn’t in the designated tin where it should be.
    Word for word: “It isn’t in the tin.”


  • “Supwier.”
    What on earth is wrong with that woman?
    Word for word: “What’s up with her.”


  • "'E's neither use nor ornament."
    That man serves no purpose whatsoever.
    Word for word: “He is neither no use nor ornament.”


  • "'Owt's better than nowt."
    Well it’s not exactly what I ordered but I suppose this will have to do.
    Word for word: “Anything is better than nothing."


  • “’E’s a reight bobby dazzler.”
    Oh my, doesn’t he scrub up quite nicely.
    Word for word: “He is a right striking person in their dress”.


West Yorkshire Slang


  • "Did I 'eckers like!"
    No way did I eat the last Yorkshire Pudding!
    Word for word: “Did I heck as like.”


  • "Naw'than thee, 'ow's tha' lass?"
    Hello there friend, how is the other half?
    Word for word: “Now then you, how is your wife?”


  • “Tha’ knows.”
    You understand, don’t you?
    Word for word: “You know.”


  • "Be reight."
    Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about that but I’m sure it will be okay and things will sort themselves out my friend.
    Word for word: “It’ll be alright.”


  • "'Ow much?"
    Oh my god. Have you seen the price of that? Absolute rob dogs.
    Word for word: “How much?????”


West Yorkshire Slang


  • "Mind you visit yer nan this weekend, she's getting reight mardy."
    Please can you pop around to your nans house, she is starting to get annoyed with you now.
    Word for word: “You should visit your nan this weekend, she’s getting annoyed.”


  • "Eeh, yer daft ha'peth."
    No, no, no, you fool. You don’t have a half-penny worth of sense.
    Word for word: “Oh, you daft”, “Ha’peth” is a contraction of “half-penny worth”.


  • "Tarra, duck."
    I’m either your grandparent or a bus driver and I wish you well on your way.
    Word for word: “Goodbye, dear”.


  • "Where there's muck, there's brass."
    You must be willing to get your hands dirty if you want to make a small fortune.
    Word for word: “Where there is dirty work, there is money to be made”.


  • "It's like Blackpool bloody illuminations in 'ere."
    Your mother does not appreciate you using all the lights in the house (most likely just one light).
    “‘Ere” how we pronounce here. Silent H of course.


West Yorkshire Slang


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