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Drain Survey and CCTV Inspection

7th March 2019

Drain Survey and CCTV Inspection

Metro Rod South Yorkshire carry out several drain surveys every day for a variety of different reasons. We may be called out to find the cause of a blockage, or you may be buying/selling a property and need a survey of the drainage. Metro Rod take pride in delivering a first-class service at an affordable price.

drain survey cctv inspection

Our expert engineers use the innovative iTouch system which allows us to create clear and concise footage to allow our customers to benefit from a well detailed, informative report instantly. Each report will be available to the client at the click of a button and will be complete to the highest industry standard to allow our customers to trust the footage and understand clearly what’s happening in their drains.

Why do I need a Drain Survey/CCTV inspection?


  • If you’re thinking of buying a property, then a CCTV inspection would be the perfect decision to make sure that there are no hidden problems with the properties’ drainage system such as any roots in the pipes or possible collapsing pipes. If a CCTV inspection isn’t carried out and there’s faults with the drains, unfortunately, you’ll be responsible for repair costs which could have been avoided.
  • If you’re thinking of selling a property, one of the key features which may allow you to sell the property is a CCTV inspection would allow you to do so. The report will give the potential buyer reassurance that they’re buying ‘the perfect home’ if you can prove that there are no faults or defects.
  • If you suspect a collapsed pipe at your property, then it’s important to call us straight away as urgent action is required. If a collapsed pipe is left unnoticed, it can affect other parts of your property and potentially contaminate the local environment.
  • If you’re regularly having issues with blocked drains then there may be an underlying issue with your drains, in which case, a drain survey would point this out for you and would allow our expert engineers to provide you with helpful and honest advice.
  • If you work within the building/construction industry, it’s extremely useful to have a drain survey before starting any work to make sure that there are no defects with the drains or pipework before you build over them. It’s also useful to carry out a drain survey after the works have been completed to make sure that no damage has occurred during the building work.


How can Metro Rod help you with a Drain Survey/CCTV inspection?


  • FREE site assessments are available to all our customers, simply call us and our expert engineers will provide you with advice on whether appropriate maintenance is required whether that be a first-time fix or a pre-planned maintenance service.
  • We are an industry expert in drain surveys and CCTV inspections so you can be assured, our engineers will find the issue and know how to solve it, straight away.
  • Metro Rod offers a wide range of camera units to allow a panoramic view of the condition of the drains.

Why choose Metro Rod?


The range of services offered by Metro Rod is extensive. Whether it’s for gutter cleaning, regular pre-planned maintenance or a specific technical problem, Metro Rod will solve the problem. Simply give us a call on 0808 208 2655 and we would be more than happy to help. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year!

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