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Something Smelly?

20th October 2020 - in Cornwall

Suspicious Smells? It’s far from pleasant when you get yourself ready for a nice hot shower or relaxing bath and...

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The Gully Guide

3rd December 2019 - in Cornwall

The Gully Guide   What is a gully? Well, in simple terms it’s an external drainage pipe or channel designed...

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Drainage For Schools

21st August 2019 - in Cornwall

A Lesson in Minimising Drainage Disruption in The Education Sector   Schools and colleges face unique demands on their drainage...

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Getting To The Root Of Drainage Problems

9th July 2019 - in Cornwall

Lets Talk About Roots... Many home owners enjoy having trees and hedges in their gardens and driveways.  They attract wildlife,...

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Stay One Step Ahead With Pre-Planned Maintenance…

30th April 2019 - in Cornwall

It goes without saying that here in Cornwall the hospitality and tourist sector is BIG business.  Whilst it’s great to...

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The Bin Don’t Flush Guide

12th March 2019 - in Cornwall

The Three "P's" Rule.. Blocked drains and toilets can be very unpleasant but can be avoided by ensuring you only...

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A Guide To CCTV Drainage Surveys

6th November 2018 - in Cornwall

What is a CCTV drainage survey? In basic terms it is a detailed survey of a drainage system using specialist...

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Problem Damp?

18th October 2018 - in Cornwall

Does Your Property Show Signs Of Damp?   Let’s be honest, here in Cornwall it rains … a lot!  It’s...

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